Dinner Date? (Part Two)

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He freaking left. Still hasn't come back, it's been 15 minuets. Is he really this stupid? He has to be. This is absolutely ridiculous.

I mean I know he's an idiot, but there are limits. Not even Gray was THIS dumb, which is saying something.

~5 minuets go by~

This has to be a stupid joke. I will admit that some jokes go over my head (if I take it too literally), but this is absurd.

~5 more minuets go by~

"I bet he's making a fool out of me. Jerk." I mumbled to myself while walking to the door. I had reached my limit with this stupid game. He was so nice, probably to get me to do crap for his organization or whatever. Bitch.

Ugh, the one time my 'detector' failed was the time where I'm in some deep shit. Classic Lucy Luck™️.

I've been here what, a week now (?), and they've told me nothing about what's really going on. They've told me nothing about my family or friends. How could I have been so stupid?!

I walked through the hallway filled with unlabeled doors, retracing my steps back to the exit of this wing. Oh right, keycard required. There's always a keycard requirement.

Ugh. Typical.

I kept walking the.... abandoned....... halls..... why are they abandoned?

Why was the 'dinner date' in such a restricted section? Why would it be in such a secluded, protected area, why would it be in a place where I (the only one without a keycard) couldn't leave?! How could I have been so STUPID?!

Well.... I suppose Natsu, the bastard, dragged me here. It's all his fault. All of this! Why was he even in a high school? What would he need there? Everyone there is..... well normal.... to some extent. I mean Gray strips, not for money or a sexual satisfaction, he just does. Erza may or may not have tried to kill a few people, but for somewhat justified reasons. Levy accidentally broke into NASA, but who hasn't?

Is this what others feel like? Not knowing what's going on around you, can't say I've every really experienced it. It sucks.

~3 minuets of Lucy wandering the halls has passed~

Uuuuggggghhhhhh. This whole situation is really starting to piss me off. I should just kick the door down. Reinforced, shminforced. I'll kick a door down if I feel like it! Fight me.

I had been walking through the abandoned halls, still not seeing the door. Had I gone the wrong way? No. I was sure this was the right way. I remember it clearly...... do I? Remember it that is.

Stopping in my tracks, I took a moment to look around. I was sure that this hallway was the one Natsu took me down. I'm positive. It has to be.

Maybe in all of my rage-fueled thoughts I took a wrong turn..... but there were no turns. That means that I HAD to be going the right way. I know that the door was on the left side, 7 doors down from the entrance.


Something's not right. How could I have even left the room if you need the keycard to do so?!

I blinked, clearing my mind and taking a moment to truly look at my surroundings...... I......... I......... HADN'T EVEN LEFT THE ROOM!

Have I lost my mind? No. There are other explications.... right? There has to be....... THERE HAS TO BE!

Think Lucy, THINK!

What happened? What do you know for CERTAIN? Think of everything.

-I met a boy with pink hair at school, he was a liar.

Ok, now what did he lie about?

-He lied about everything. At first everything that came out of his mouth was a lie, he stopped lying when I confronted him.

Why did you confront him?

-He asked why I was acting scared. I was scared because he lied about who he was.

What happened next?

-He rushed me to his car, saying something about people coming. He then drove to a base, a base that was hidden by trees.

People started asking questions, what did they ask?

-They asked how I knew the stuff I knew. The million dollar question.

Now is not the time for sarcasim. Next?

-The lying son of a witch... Natsu, took me to his room. Why his room? Something about needing space or rest...... I.... don't quite remember that.... weird.

I think I fell asleep, and woke up to...... to....... food? Yeah, Natsu got food. Why? Cause I needed to eat dinner? No. I had eaten that morning and had lunch before he showed up. I remember being hungrier that just missing dinner, it was a hunger like missing meals. Had I been asleep for a day? Two?

I was beginning to panic. I was realizing how much was unclear. What did they do to me while I was asleep? Did they even do anything to me? Have they ever done anything to me?

What could they have done to me, if anything? Have they drugged me? Given me something to make me..... vacant?

What do I know about drugs, the kind of drugs that would give me such symptoms?

Not much. Not exactly my place of interest.

If they wanted the effects to be fast, they would have injected me somewhere on the torso, so that the injection would have been pumped by the heart. (?)

I ran my hands around my arms and chest, since those areas would be more effective.

Nothing. I suppose that's good, but that also means that something could be wrong with me.... nope. There are still other options.

Where else? I haven't even ruled out injection and I'm doubting myself. Even if it wasn't injection, they could have drugged me any other way.... IT MIGHT NOT EVEN BE DRUGS! This isn't the time to doubt oneself.

Now, where else could they have injected me? Legs? Unlikely. Back, possible.

I contorted my arms until I felt every inch of my back, nothing. Great.

Where else? Neck?..... it's possible...... hell, it's probable. All I did was place my hands on a area with visible (to others, not myself) veins, and I felt a bump. It was a small area that was swelling. I pressed down and felt a mild sharp pain, something was swelling. The question is why was it swelling.

I looked around the room, hoping that there would be a mirror for some reason. But Lucy Luck ™️ doesn't work like that.

There was  a spoon on a table, where we were supposed to have 'dinner'. Interesting how it's just a spoon, not anything sharp that could possibly aid in my escape..... to the uncreative.

Picking up the spoon, I angled it to show the back of my neck. I felt where the bump was again, and checked with the spoon.


I'm not even going to explain why this took so long.

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