Introduction - New Version

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Hello and Welcome!

This is a re-post of a new and hopefully improved version. The story has changed a bit now. No longer set in school and my main characters are older now, in their early twenties. It just made more sense. I've always wanted to write a fun, maybe slightly cliché, werewolf story and it's just taken me a few tries to get there.

Wild Alpha is a re-imagining of a childhood favourite film or in other words it is a Werewolf version of the Lion King with a few differences.

It's a little cheesy in places but hopefully its a fun read. Enjoy!

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! No stealing or copying!

Werewolf and future Alpha Tristan has his life thrown into chaos when his power hungry uncle takes over the Wild Lands Pack. Tristan is banned from all pack activities and believes there's no hope left until Hannah arrives in the small rural village.

But Hannah has her own problems. With her recently divorced father, she returns to the old family house in Wales. While her dad is escaping his failed marriage she's running away from her past. She never expected to meet someone new, especially someone like Tristan. He seems different from the boys back at home in London, but she doesn't realise how different he really is.

Hannah offers Tristan a ray of hope because she's his mate. But she's also human and doesn't believe in werewolves. Tristan must show Hannah who and what he truly is without scaring her off as well as reclaim his pack and his destiny.

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