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I woke early that morning, the sun only just rising as it crept in through the crack of my curtains. Brushing my hair back from features, I forced myself to my feet, my arms stretching up over my head, my mouth widening as I yawned. Tangling my fingers in my hair, I noticed an unusual bump on the left side of my head; it didn’t feel like any normal bump, in fact, it felt quite soft. Approaching the mirror with caution, my gaze was drawn to the two wolf ears mounted on my head; they were hard to miss. Gasping, I mumbled beneath my breath, knowing I wouldn’t be able to attend school with them.

With the shock of my wolf ears, I failed to notice the sharp canines piercing my lower lip. It took me a moment or two to lower my hands from my lips as I had wanted to stop myself from making too much noise. Reducing the distance between both me and the mirror, I inspected the teeth that stuck out all too obviously. Well, it looked as though I’d be skipping school today.

I wondered if Elijah could help, it seemed he was my only option, I had decided to talk to him now anyway so that wasn’t a problem. As I dressed myself, I wondered where he had went yesterday, he had gone without a word, I hadn’t any idea as to where or why he was going, this annoyed my greatly. He had an almost blank look in his eyes when leaving me, almost as if he wasn’t there. 

Pulling my hood on over my head, I flattened the ears as best as possible before sneaking out onto the street, the cold, morning air blowing over me. Folding my arms over my torso, I hoped to contain my body heat, though this didn’t seem like much of a problem, not when I had a lot of it due to me being a wolf and all. I still couldn’t quite believe that, I hated it yet loved the thought of being different, being so very different. But what would happen? Would I end up like my cousin and great, great grandmother? Would I disappear? Or would I face a much worse fate, the one my grandmother had taken? It had seemed to be all too much for her; she hadn’t taken as well as the others. But maybe the others hadn’t taken it well either, for my great, great grandmother had gone insane when having the curse put on her. I had told herself I would remain strong, but even these little problems, the ears, the teeth, the growls, they proved to be hard to hide, hard to even believe. I wouldn’t go insane, I’d contain my secret, but Halloween was soon too come, this would be the most challenging day of my life. At least I had Elijah to help me.

I was soon proven wrong as I knocked on his door numerous times, though no one answered. I called his name, my eyes darkening as I moved over to the window, looking in on the living room I saw no one, it seemed he had gone out, but where too? Stepping back down onto the sidewalk, I headed for the woods where his secret had been revealed only a couple days ago. The sun  was at an angle now, it blinded me, the grey clouds failing to cover it as I stepped under the cover of the trees, though even these proved not to be so useful as they had shed their leaves. I kept to the shadows though, in case I saw someone I didn’t want too, not that many people came to the woods, it was always devoured by shadows, not really welcoming to others. 

“Elijah!” I called out, averting my eyes as I did, I didn’t fancy seeing him sucking the blood from someone else. As much as I loved gory movies, I wasn’t so keen on seeing it in reality. “Elijah, are you hear!?” I listened for something, anything, but all I heard was the sound of a passing car, even this had managed to startle me. Calming myself, I stepped out into the open again. 

Looking to my left, I noticed an odd looking man passing. He was balding, but the remaining black hair seemed to be thick and long. A thick, wispy moustache lay on his lower lip, his dark eyes watching me. He wore a long trench coat, and big, black boots. He seemed to make me uneasy as he stopped only a few steps after walking by, turning to look at me with a menacing look in his dark, brown eyes, he stood silent for a moment  or two.

“You appear to be lost, or have you lost something?” he spoke, almost humoured by it. But how had he known? I hadn’t shown any signs of not be able to find Elijah. 

“No, I’m fine, thanks,” I said bluntly, my dark eyes narrowing.

“If you say so,” he smirked, a hoarse chuckling sounding. “Do keep your eye out, for whatever it is, he’s closer than you think.”

With that he wandered away, leaving me to question what he had meant and how he had known. “Wait!” I called out after him, breaking into a jog as I did. I turned left seconds after he had but he seemed to have just vanished. Looking around numerous times, I saw no alley, no house, no where he could have gotten into. 

My eyebrows furrowed my brow creasing as I sighed heavily. This was all too frustrating for me, what the fuck was going on? Staring back behind me, I balled my hands up into a fist, my nails digging into my palms, leaving the smallest of marks. I stood there on the spot for another five minutes or so before deciding to drag myself to the park, I couldn’t return home, my mother would question me and I couldn’t go to school, not with my wolf features.

Sitting myself on the swing, I lay my hands on my laps, my head leaning onto the chain. Staring on at the empty park, I bit at my lower lip; I then decided this wasn’t so good as I tore the skin of it, a small amount of blood seeping through. Wiping it from the skin, I was careful of my canines, my hair falling into my grey eyes. Lathering my lips with saliva from my tongue, I rose my hands up on either side of me, my fingers curling around the cold, rusted metal. Dragging the tips of my boots over the wood chunks as I swung only slightly, I closed my eyes momentarily, a cold breeze blowing by.

What had that man meant? Who was closer than I thought? And where did he mean? Maybe he was just senile, he looked it. He was probably drunk, despite the time I had seen him. Maybe he sniffed some cocaine; it seemed possible as a lot of people were like that where I lived. But that didn’t explain how he had disappeared so fast, drugs and drink didn’t give people powers, though they thought it did, but it so obviously didn’t. 

Sighing heavily, I lowered my head, this situation annoying me, even if it shouldn’t have as I had managed to convince myself he was just some insane old man, he had meant nothing by it. 

All this didn’t explain where Elijah had gotten too though, he would have told me, or so I thought. He had fed only the other day, of course I didn’t know how often he needed to feed and I obviously hadn’t thought of asking him. Maybe he had been called out by some other vampire, but he had never said he was in contact with any of them, in fact he had killed them all and claimed that there were meant many more about.

It seemed I had to put much thought into this, and then maybe I’d find out where he had gone.

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