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"Gause your late" Mr. Wicker said as I walked in

"I know but I had to use the restroom so I wouldn't leave during this class"

"Smart but that's adding on to your many tardies"

"My apologies I'll try to be quicker" I took my seat with Tiffany and Gabby

"Hey Gabe" I said waking her

"Girl Hey" She said sitting up

"So she the only one you see" Tiffany said

"Girl I see you every hour on the hour" my phone vibrated signifying that Klare had texted me

Klare🥰❤️: hey gorgeous I'll pick you up from school I wanna take you somewhere

Aaliyah: ok  handsome😍 see you then

Klare🥰❤️: you have a good day I'll see you later 😘

When I looked up Mr.Wicker was with right there I wasn't gonna argue with him about it so I just gave him my phone I mean besides he's my favorite teacher

"Girl what is wrong with you giving up your phone" Tiffany said while we was doing our journals for the day

"Because I was on it when I wasn't supposed to be duh Tif"

"Unlike you Ms. Haddish, Gause takes responsibility for her actions, that's why she's getting her phone back at the end of class"

"A bunch of bs, it be somebody else and you'll take it to stone ole eagle ass"

"I advise you to watch your mouth Haddish"

"I'd advise you to grow some hair wicker"

"What is wrong with you" Gabby said laughing. There was only 8 of us in this class it was a honors class

"Tiffany that was uncalled for" I said

"See me after class Haddish"

"Dang tip" Me and gabby laughed

"Alright turn to page 540 and began reading" Mr.Wicker started walking around noticing gabby fell back asleep

"Ms. Williams this isn't nap time" he stood over her while we laughed at her snoring

"Gabrielle wake up Sus"

"Don't be calling my government girl"

"You act like somebody looking for you"

"Maybe" She chuckle "What Wicker ya over here watching me and junk"

"How was Cassius killed"

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