Relationship goals

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Sakura has updated her status- Sasuke kun do you love me?


Sasuke- HA you must be joking

Sakura- I'm being serious...

Sasuke- hmm well how about no

Naruto- don't worry Sakura I love you!

Hinata- ......

Sakura- ugh leave me alone Naruto!

Naruto- :(


Sasori has updated his status- I swear Deidara if you run around singing wrecking ball one more time I'll kill you

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Deidara- you're just jealous that you can't sing like me!


Konan- isn't this supposed to be a family friendly site?

Tobi- well I love your singing Deidara senpai!

Zetsu- no one asked you Tobi

Itachi- my ears are still bleeding

Deidara- I hate you guys you're so MeAn!


Sasuke has updated his status- don't you just love waking up and not being next to Sakura

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Sakura- wow I see how it is

Sasuke- so you'll finally leave me alone?

Sakura- I said I see how it is not that I'll change

Sasuke- well shit

Lee- Sakura chan~ I have flowers for you so you can stay YOUTHFUL

Sakura- yeesh Sasuke is this how you feel?

Sasuke- *face palms*


Might Gai has updated his status- can everyone smell the YOUTH!!!!

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Lee- YOSH!!!!!!

Tenten- people actually like this stuff?

Neji- I hate you all I crave the sweet release of death

Tobi- you might wanna be careful about what you wish for

Neji- who the heck are you?

Tobi- your future murderer

Neji- can I make the appointment soon?


Anko and Kakashi are in a relationship


Naruto- woah Kakashi sensei I didn't know crazy was your type

Sasuke- I'm with Naruto that woman is insane

Anko- well fuck you guys too

Sakura- this explains soooooo much


Itachi has updated his status- should I make a cooking channel?

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Itachi- so is that a yes?

Crazy fan girl- I'll watch whatever you do you're sexy asf

Kisame- ^^^

Hidan- I knew you're partnership was fuckin weird

The image above isn't mine but it's hilarious

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