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Holly's pov
Sadly, today's was the day we go home. David and I didn't wan to leave at all, but he said he wanted me to meet all of his friends, which in fact I was terrified to meet them. What if they like Liza better or what if they hate me. Who knows. I hope it all goes well.


We arrive at the airport and David and I are soo tired. We didnt want to leave today. But we had to.
We got our plane tickets and we wait for our plane to board. We waited for 1 hour because we had a little delay. David texted all of his friends that he was going to be a little late and that he is bringing someone with him.
They all texted back" whoooo???"
I guess they'll see

"Hey David, do you think your friends will like me"
"Oh yeah, they'll love you, I promise" he says smiling trying to make me feel better because I think he noticed that I was kinda panicking
Flight 123 may board plane to Los Angeles, California.

"I think that's us"

We get on the plane and we take our seats. Like I said me and David are extremely tired so he lays his head on my lap and sleeps. I pick up his phone and look at his Instagram since mine was almost dead. David always lets me on his phone and of course I let him on mine.
I play this stupid wave game that I suck at and David kept laughing, when I thought he was asleep so I slapped him on the head. But very lightly
He just stared at me losing his stupid game.
2 hours left. Ughhhhhhhh
"I'm sooo bored."
"We should go live" David says.
Just thinking about how many followers he has scares me so bad but I don't care.
He went on Instagram and went live.
As soon as he was live there was already about almost 1,000 people on. I was kinda shocked but then i just got used to it.
"Hi, guys" David says
"Say hi holly"
I say hi in a very low voice.
David starts chuckling.
"Ask us questions bc we are so so bored."
David says looking at me about to fall asleep.
"Hurry guys she is about to fall asleep."

First question
"We're did you and holly meet" David says as he reads off the question.
"We met on the airplane, can you believe it, I got stuck with her for 3-4 hours." I lightly punch him in the arm. "Just kidding you guys"

5-10 minutes later
"This is the last question, we are almost there."
"If y'all get married and have a kid what would the name be" he says
"Ummmmm holly what would we name our future kid, which is not coming by the way. That's why I said future" he says on the live. I start laughing
"I love the name Mariana." I say
"That's cute" David says
"Now for a boy"
David says
"How about kyle"
I look at him and say "yeah that's cool"
"You hate it don't you" He says laughing
"Bulllllllshiiitt" He starts singing.
" I can't believe you making fun of our future unborn baby Kyle" he says
I roll my eyes
"You are stupid" I say
"Well I have been hanging out with you for a week or two so I think you making me that way, it's your fault." He says smirking.
"Hahahahaha" I say jokingly and slapping him.
The plane is landing and we are on the ground.
When we get their we get our bags and we have one of his friends pick us up.
"Holly your gonna love my friend Zane."
This is were I start to Panic!

Oh great!

Heyyyyy!!!! I'm happy that this book is turning out pretty well I guess. Like I said send me requests and I will gladly except all of them and check out my other book. Hahahahahahah thankkkks a lot.

Goodnight and thank you (next)
Jk for really tho.

690 words !


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