Curious Cat

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Aniket was sleeping peacefully in his private ward. I sneaked into his room whilst my family went to our house to freshen up and get some sleep.

I think Mayma stayed behind, but she was nowhere to be found. I entered the dark room cautiously, not wanting to wake Aniket up.

He was curled up on the gurney, his hands under his head. He still hasn't woken up since his surgery and I was starting to get worried. He was the father to my child, and whether or not he made stupid decisions didn't matter anymore.

I needed him more than I thought, now that I was carrying a child. I love him and like I promised on our wedding day, he stuck with me for the rest of my life. He should have thought about my promise before deciding to end his own life.

According to Mayma, he came home after brawling with his best friend who suggested that he should make me submissive, and drank most of the alcohol Pops had been storing up. Mayma was afraid to go in his room and Pops told her that they should leave him alone for a while. At the time, Kanya was still at home, since she had taken care of the family business while we were away on our honeymoon. She went to the hostel, since the problem there had been cleared up. Apparently, they had a rat infestation. Or so, she claims.

I wonder why she didn't come to see Aniket at the hospital? Maybe she didn't know.

I sat beside him, on the squeaky chair. I was tired and couldn't move around as I pleased, so I climbed in with him. I curled up beside him, pulling him to me and getting comfortable as I placed my legs as on top of his. I kissed his nose, looking at him, sleeping adorably. I couldn't stop, and trailed my lips down his jawline, kissing his face.

I can't believe I missed him this much in a span of two weeks. Or maybe it's just the pregnancy hormones.

I couldn't stop reassuring myself that he was alright and safe. No one was going to attempt to murder my husband when he was safe in my arms.

Or let them try.

Aniket was on heavy medication but he could wake up any moment now, since his meds had been administered yesterday. I wanted to be there to comfort him, even though I haven't rested well in days.

My stomach growled and Aniket jerked up. "Who—

"It's me," I panic, covering his mouth.

"Who are you?" He asks, trying to shove me off the bed.

"It's me, don't panic. You're okay." I try to calm him down. He is hesitant to lie back down, so I catch his arms, making him still for a moment to look into my eyes. He still doesn't recognize me and now, I'm anxious. "It's me, Aniket. Don't you recognize me?"

I turn on the light.

"No, your that pretty girl from the bus! I don't know you that much!"

I swear, if this guy is joking, I will kill him. I have no patience for this.

He's lost his memory. I have to make sure, so I feel his head, trying to find a bruise or any swelling. "What are you doing, lady?"

"Shh. I'm checking if you have any head injuries."

"I'm fine. Get your hands off of me!" He pushes my hands off my head and suddenly he's kneeling on the bed, clutching his stomach.

"Your wound reopened." I move towards him, trying to get him to lie back down. "Stay still, dimwit." I cry, as I forcefully push him down in frustration. He obeys, clearly confused.

"Who are you to me?" He asks, scrunching his face in pain. I try to open the bandages on his lower stomach, but he protests, shoving my hands away and curling up into a ball.

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