good morning

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It starts with the twitch of a foot, maybe a finger or two. The paranoid mutters under one's breath, the sweat shining across their forehead. And their eyes shooting around franticly behind their closed lids.

All signs that someone is having a nightmare.

Shooting up, suddenly awake, I feel my lungs burn as they fill with air. I was covered in sweat, my skin freezing cold.

Deep breaths.

It's not real.

Not anymore.

Deep breaths.

Within the next few moments the memory of the dream had grown foggy, floating farther and farther away into the back of my mind, until I had completely forgotten it.

I laid my head back on the pillow, feeling my heart rate slow. It took some time, but I eventually was able to fall asleep once more.



All of a sudden I was almost launched from my bed from someone jumping on the opposite side of my mattress (air mattress. I'm broke, okay?)

"Get up, bitch! It's farmers market day!!" The voice and nickname obviously belonging to Lacey.

"Lacey, pop the mattress and i'll kill you." I groaned into my pillow, not even bothering to open my eyes.

"Get. Up!" She threw a pillow down hard on my back.

I grabbed it and threw it back into the direction it came from. Only opening my eyes the moment I let go to see it smack someone else in the face: Keith.

He was standing there with his eyes squeezed shut.

"Oh sh- I am so sorry, I didn-"

He raised his hand, as if saying 'just stop talking'

Lacey was snickering, obviously enjoying this. I didn't even know he was in the room. Sometimes I forget him and Lacey are close friends too.

"I'm really sor-"


Did he just 'shh' me?

Keith opened his eyes to look behind me, suddenly looking confused.

"What's that?" He questioned.

I turned to see what he was talking about, but saw nothing peculiar.

"What's wha-"


That was the sound of Keith throwing the pillow back at me, hitting me right upside the head. My hair probably looked like i'd been licked by a cow.

I turned slowly to Keith, seeing the satisfying grin on his face, which only turned my own into a devious smirk.



"You're dead."

He shrieked as he spun around and ran out the bedroom door as fast as possible, his sneakers squeaking against the wooden floors. Lacey ducked for cover.

I was right behind him.

We'd reached the end of the hall, Keith faced me. I'd cornered him.

"C'mon, this isn't fair! You hit me first." He whined.

"Yeah but mine was on accident! You did yours on purpose!"

"I had a reason, though," he turned serious.

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