15 ~ I Ship It

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We all arrived at the bowling alley. Mina was still bouncing with joy, while there was a still very much annoyed Haru.

"Hi [L/N], glad you could make it. " Midoryia greeted with his usual bright smile.

"Glad to be here." I said.

"Anyways this is Iida and Ochaco in person. " Midoryia said as a rosy cheeked girl with a bob and a buff bespectacled boy came up to us.

"Nice to meet y'all in person. " Uraraka said as she gave a friendly smile.

"Yes, it's great to see you all in person." Iida added.

"Yeah it's super awesome to see you guys IRL! " Mina giggled.

"Agreed now can we get to bowling now? " Jirou asked.

"Of course, let's go." Iida led us to over to the counter so we could pay for passes and shoes.

Once we all got our shoes and our alley number, we switched our shoes and typed our names into the computer that kept score.

I turned to Haru. "So how is IRL Iida?"

"Cute." She replied with an unreadable expression and I laughed.

"You should talk to him then. " I suggested.

"No thanks. He doesn't like the type that's interested in dating." Haru turned to look at Iida, who was seemingly scolding Mina for something.

"Well... He does seem a bit....uptight, but if you got a thing for him go for it. What's the worse that could happen?" I explained.

"Well... He could completely find my crush on him revolting and never speak to me again. " She said monotonous.

"Man Haru-Chan you really are stupid when it comes to relationship stuff. " I heaved a heavy sigh.

"What'dya mean by that. " She gave a slightly annoyed look.

"I mean like 'ya said before, Iida don't seem like the type interested in love, so why would he throw 'ya to the side if you had a little thing for him. " Haru looked at me with a stunned look, that made me kinda confused.

Then she suddenly look annoyed again. "Yeah well like you're one to talk though. "

"Ummmm excuse you?!" I was slightly offended by this.

"Nothing just saying you're being a bit of a hypocrite by saying I'm bad at relationships." Haru shrugged nonchalantly.

"Oh whatever!" I huffed.

"Oh, look we're starting the game." She noticed and the walked over to the rest of the gang.

"I swear Haru-Chan, you're the biggest pain in the behind." I followed behind her.

"Yeah, yeah. " She smirked.

"Hey [L/N], you okay? You look kinda P.O.ed." Midoryia asked with concerned.

"Yeah, Haru-Chan is being a dumbass." I reassured.

"Oh.... I see. " Midoryia chuckled nervously.

"YAY STRIKE ON MY FIRST GO!!! Haru you're up! " Mina cheered.

"Oh boy. " Haru said with little enthusiasm as she took her turn, knocking over 6 pins.

"Nice shot!" Iida said giving my roomie a thumbs up.

I ship it so much.

"Yeah good job Haru-Chan!" I clapped.

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