Chapter 16

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"You two better stop plotting!" I warn the two huddled up suspiciously in the living room.

"We're not doing anything, Ash. Calm your ti-"

I glare at Emily knowing what her next word was going to be.

"...Um.. I mean calm down. Right Ashton?" She taps my brother and they both look at me with the most innocent face they can come up with. Only Emily's face turned into a smirk. Hello lesbian.

"Yeah Ashley, chill and make me something to eat woman!" Ashton says in a serious tone, trying to make his voice deeper than it is.

"I've taught you well my young friend."

My brother and Emily both laugh and high-five each other. This can only lead to nothing but trouble. I'm not at all surprised that Emily and my bother get along. They both have the same twelve-year-old brain.

And if you're wondering, yes I'm aware that Ashton is fourteen...

I've been riding with Emily to and from school ever since that day she came to pick me up and caught me dancing around in my underwear to Call Me Maybe. It became a weird routine. Especially now that Katie is busy being boo'd up. We usually hang out at her house after school. When my brother doesn't have after school activities we pick him up and we hang out at my house. That's where we are now.

I put the pizza in the oven and at the same time I saw Emily and Ashton pretending to, (but failing) to act casual. My brother is practically bouncing as they disappeared to.. I have no idea where they went. Shit this cannot be good.

"Pizza's gonna be ready in twenty minutes!" I yell to no one. I grab a water bottle from the refrigerator and froze as soon as I turned back around.

My bother and Emily are both in front of me holding four water guns all aimed for me.

"You wouldn't fucking dare." I threaten them both

"Oh we wouldn't?" Emily throws back at me. Complete with an eyebrow raise.

"No, I don't think you would." I say moving away from them. It probably isn't wise to bait them now that I think about it.

They both move, making sure to keep their water guns on me.

"What do you think Ashton? Should we let her go?" She asks my brother without breaking her gaze on me.

"Fuck that!" My brother says keeping his aim on me.

"Ashton! Language!" I laugh along with Emily.

My brother rolls his eyes not even caring. I can tell all he's waiting for is a word from Emily so he can start shooting me.

"Guys, this isn't fair I don't have a gun." I say pouting. Maybe the pout will work on Emily.

"Oh I'm sorry here.." Emily says offering one of her water guns to me.

I eye her suspiciously and before I grab it…

"Go!" Emily commands and both start shooting me with the coldest water known to man.

"Ahh!" I scream running away from the two. "Stop! Stop!"

"Never!" They say at the same time laughing their asses off.

"Time out." I say turning around to face them as they continue to shoot me. "My phone's ringing! Stop!" I put both my hands up swatting away the water being sprayed at me.

"Okay.. Okay.." Emily says lowering her gun as she used her other hand to stop my brother. "You're no fun but go ahead pick up your phone." She sprays me a couple more times, which causes me to glare at her. "We'll be waiting." She says tauntingly.

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