Mustard: Got your Back (secretly)

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You pouted. Oh, I wanna take this mask off right now. This mission's taking too long, and I'm feeling hot already. You stopped in your tracks, looking around your surroundings. I wonder where he's at. . .

Suddenly, a gunshot echoed throughout the woods. Your ears perked, recognizing that sound to be from the same weapon he kept with him. It's him! It's him! You began trudging towards the path where you heard the sound, going deeper and deeper, and deeper into the forest, until you noticed how the gas was starting to thicken and become denser. Almost there!

You heard another gunshot, this time, much closer. You stopped, waving your hands to rid the gas from your sight. Though not quite clear, you could make out the silhouette of your favorite boy, standing in front of another person, which you recognized as a U.A student and one from the sports festival.

You smirked. Mustard, you're doing great! You saw him turn his gun, aiming it to another person, a female U.A student. He pulled the trigger, but the guy with him blocked the bullet from piercing through the girl. You frowned. It would've been nice to see her die.

Mustard started to hide within the thick toxic miasma. You hid as well, so you won't be seen by him, or the two students as you continued watching. He was mocking them, tricking them as he used his quirk to his advantage. You were amused to see him have the upper hand.

"Hey, aren't you supposed to be heroes someday? It doesn't make much sense to me. . . how a simpleton like you gets praised because of your school's reputation. . ." you heard him say.

Gunshouts sounded, and grunts from that male student as Mustard shot and kicked him over.

"You're pampered by the world just because of your alma mater! Don't ya think it's not right?"

You watched as the other female student tried to attack him, but he evaded, saying that he could track their every movement with the fluctations. You saw how she used her quirk, enlarging her fists to knock him back. He did, and Mustard backs into the safety of the gas, mocking her for her pitiful quirk.

He was then surprised when she used her enlarged hands and swiped them back and forth, creating a whirlwind. Now you can seem them quite clearly from your hidden position. You heard her taunt him, saying that he wasn't confident enough to fight when he was using a gun and hiding himself within his quirk. This angered him, and you included.

Mustard aims the gun at her until he noticed that his male opponent was already coming at him from behind. Because of the thinned-out miasma, he was unable to react in time. His mask shattered as he received a powerful, steel-packed punch, knocking him unconcious. You winced, but got irritated. They've got guts, I admit.

The gas started to dissipitate, with Mustard's defeat. You frowned, realizing that with him unconcious, he would be later discovered by the police, and arrested. Now I can't let that happen. You smiled wickedly, a reckless idea forming in your head.

Though you heard Mr. Compress' announcement, stating the successful mission of the Vanguard Action Squad, you remained hiding, forming your plan. You could see that the guy with the iron quirk had weakened because of the gas, and the other female grabbed Mustard and held him in a sitting position. You were displeased with her touching him, so you went out of your hiding spot, regardless of your lack of a more stealthy entrance.

The two students turned upon hearing a rustle from the bushes. Out came your small figure, casually walking up to them, lifeless eyes, steady breathing. You analyzed the both of them, seeing them all weak from too much gas exposure.

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