Stripped down and spread wide

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The day of the topless protest arrived. Bella, Elise and Alexis had been waiting anxiously in the women’s locker room, where they had arranged for everyone to meet. But no one else had shown up.

“Screw it. Let’s just go,” suggested Elise reluctantly, clutching her hand-painted sign that read ‘My Body, My Rules!’ “Maybe we’ll get people to join in when they see us.”

Just as they were getting ready to head out, two girls who had attended the pyjama party showed up to join the protest. “I wasn’t sure about this at first but then I realised how important it was…” said one of them.

The girls all removed their tops, and headed bravely into the hallway. Eyes darted straight for their bare breasts. As topless girls marched confidently from athletics centre and emerged into the sunlight, Elise felt a thrill of excitement overcome her. Never had she imagined walking baring her breasts in public, but here she was, her fellow Vaginists by her side, taking her stand for freedom and liberty. Many people cheered. Some got their phones out to video the scene.

Steph, in a bikini top and miniskirt, ran up to Elise, Bella, Alexis and the two other girls. She smiled, undid the string to release her breasts and stood tall and joined the march in lockstep.

“Hey, let’s go to the field and hang there for a bit,” suggested Bella after a while, apparently in no hurry to put her top back on.

Elise agreed, and the group soon sprawled themselves out on the grass topless with just their shorts or tiny skirts or bikini bottoms on. They spent the afternoon sunbathing, laughing, and chatting idly, not caring about onlookers. Hey, that was kind of the point, right?

People stopped and stared. Different groups of guys even came to sit by and linger. A few tried to strike up conversation. But the girls weren’t interested in flirting or talking. They wanted to be on display, but not ogled.

Two of the girls came over to Elise, crouching beside her. “Elise, this is starting to get a bit creepy. They’re taking videos. I’m scared my Dad’s going to see, if they post it online. What should we do?”

Elise didn’t want to give in and suggest anyone cover up now. Lyn was counting on her to make this a success. They’d already spent so much money on the pyjama party and marketing for the rally. What would a true Vaginist woman do? She wondered.

Finally, she spoke. “If they want to look, let them see everything!”

Elise stood up, undid her shorts zipper, and slipped down her shorts and panties in one swoosh. She stood there completely naked.

People’s eyes widened, and sure enough, they got out their phones and start taking videos. Men began to crowd around her.

Elise felt a rush of blood all over her naked body. She had never felt so validated as a Vaginist or an activist before, and she felt her heart racing and her head spinning with pride.

The girls, seeming to feel more comfortable now that Elise was even more on display than they were, returned to their sitting positions on the lawn.

Elise smiled wide as she found herself sitting back down on the grass, spreading her legs and using her fingers to push her labia apart, completely exposing the pink inner parts of her vagina to the onlookers and letting them take as many pictures and videos of her hairy, unshaven pussy as they liked.

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