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"We would like to help too," Alpha Anthony says. 

"Okay," Kaiden accepts. "Aidan, you will take Alpha Anthony and Raphael and will search the North side. The scouts will search the South and West. We'll search the East. Clear?" 

We all mumble words of agreement and head towards the exit. 

"I have a bad feeling about this," Harper mutters beside me. She meets my eyes uncertainly and that's when I notice the apprehension shining in her blue orbs. I've never seen Harper afraid of something before, she's always so strong and closed off. 

"So do I," I admit. There's a tingly sensation in my stomach and it's not because Kaiden is close to me. It's my gut feeling, warning me. 


An hour later, we are still searching the forest. We've all shifted into our wolf forms, figuring it would be easier to cover more ground. Harper has a golden blonde wolf that is the same size as me. Her wolf's legs are covered in muscle like mine. She's also fast - faster than me. 

'Do you smell that?' Harper asks through the mind link, stopping to sniff the ground. Kaiden and I do the same. 

'It's a foul smell,'  I say, perplexed. It almost smells like a wet dog.

A ruffle of the bushes alerts all of us of another presence. We all freeze and ready ourselves for an attack.

'Do you think it's him?' Harper questions. 

I shrug mentally. It's highly possible it's him. If it is him though, I don't know what I would do. Coming face to face with him again isn't something I thought about when I demanded to join this group. 

A branch snaps and a body flashes in front of my eyes. I manage to catch the blonde wisps of hair as it speeds quicker than lightning away from the bush. My breath hitches as the memory of the first time I came here hits me. |Could it be?

'Let's investigate,' Kaiden orders and trots over to the bush. Before I can protest, he disappears leaving Harper and me. I give Harper a panicked look. 

'I guess we should follow.'

With a deep breath, I walk over to the bush with her. 

When I step past it, I gasp in shock at what I see. Kaiden has now transformed back into his human self; is wearing a pair of shorts. But that's not what has me shocked. It's the dead body he's leaning over. 

Carl's body. 

Kaiden's eyes lift to meet mine and I note the disbelief. My eyes are probably showing the same thing. Who would kill Carl? The pack members were ordered to bring him back alive. Carl isn't alive though. 

The blonde haired form. 

It has to have something to do with that. Who else could it have been? 

I head over to a tree and quickly shift. Luckily a pair of leggings and tank top is stashed there so I slip them on. When I emerge from the tree, I hurry over to Kaiden and stare at Carl's mangled body. The stench of wet dog is a lot stronger around him, answering my question of where the smell was coming from. 

"What do we do?" I ask Kaiden, completely and utterly lost.

Kaiden pinches his lips together, "we take him back to the doctor and call of the search." 

My eyebrows knit together, "Is that all? Shouldn't we search for clues or something?" 

Kaiden exhales and drags a tired hand through his hair. "Not tonight, it's late. We've found him so the threat is gone."

The threat isn't gone!  I want to shout at him. The person who killed Carl is still out there. Why is Kaiden...giving up? 

"But -"

"Quinn please," Kaiden pleads with me to stop. "We have Carl. That's good for now." 

Something isn't adding up. Kaiden would never just stop - give up. He doesn't dismiss things like this. 

"You're hiding something," I state and frown. Why would he hide something from me?

Kaiden shakes his head but I catch the flash of fear in his eyes. Hurt passes through my heart - I thought we were past this. 

"You are," I insist. 

"Let's just go," Kaiden commands and struts past me. Frozen, I mull over what he said and what happened. Kaiden got here two minutes earlier than Harper and me. Is it possible he saw something? Discovered something? 

I come to the conclusion that he must have. It's the only reasonable explanation. 

Harper comes up to me and taps my shoulder, gaining my attention. "Come on."

"Do you think Kaiden was hiding something?" 

Harper's blue eyes dart between me and smaller form. She seems awkward about answering the question. 


"Nevermind," I tell her, releasing her from the awkward question. "Let's leave."

I march home, thinking over everything. Kaiden had to have seen something. 

And I will find out what it is as soon as I get home. 

I don't really know what to say other than thank you so much for your support. This is the first leave I've had in a while and it's been scary. Coming back to Wattpad for a short amount of time is great and almost relieving. I don't know when I'll update next. Perhaps when I next have leave, which will hopefully be next week. 

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