C H A P T E R 2 6

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C H A P T E R 2 6



Kaiden and I rush through the crowd, trying to find where the source of the scream came from. People stand still, horrified. Eventually, we manage to break through the crowd where a young girl is clutching a man's limp body on the floor. His guards uniform is coated in blood from head to toe. 

My heart is racing a million times an hour as I stare in terror at them. Beside me, Kaiden swallows and takes a tentative step forward. The girl on the floor is sobbing so loud it breaks my heart and everyone else's around me. Her shoulders shave violently and her once shiny silver dress is now covered in blood. 

Realizing as a Luna for this pack, I should be there for everyone, I race over to her and wrap my bare arms around her body. She stops sobbing and hiccups quietly. For a few moments, she's stiff in my arms and then she leans in and cries softly. I don't notice Kaiden and Aidan ordering everyone out until it's just us, Sky, Raphael, Harper and the visiting Alpha. 

"What happened Katie?" Kaiden questions her. 

Katie, who is the young girl in my arms, wipes the remaining tears on her face and peers up at Kaiden with watery eyes. "M - my dad came stumbling in here," she sniffles. She looks around eighteen, so young to lose a father. "He had so many cuts on him, he - he was b-bleeding everywhere." My fingers start to draw calming circles on her back as I sign of reassurance. "H-he was working as a g-guard at the prison." 

Kaiden and Aidan exchange worried looks, already knowing where this is heading. My stomach churns when I come to the horrible realization that Carl did this when he escaped. He harmed an innocent pack member. He killed one of us. 

"H-he told me before he died that a rogue escaped. He t-tried to stop him." She adds and starts to cry again. I whisper soothing words into her ear, telling her it will be alright. Obviously, it won't be. She just lost her father, nothing will be alright. Telling her it will be is cruel. 

"Katie, Sky is going to take you up to your room and will run you a bath," Kaiden tells her. Sky approaches Katie slowly. I untangle myself from her and let Sky wrap an arm around her shoulders. I watch them walk away and sigh. This is one gigantic mess. 

"What are we going to do? Carl could be anywhere," I mutter, tiredly. I should be petrified that Carl is roaming around freely, plotting someone's death yet I feel so exhausted. So tired of worrying about Carl and what the Moon Goddess said before. 

Kaiden nods his head, "he could be which is why I'm sending the trackers out to find him. If he is around somewhere, we will find him and bring him to justice."

"I want to go with you," I say bravely, meeting Kaiden's even stare. He immediately shakes his head. 

"Absolutely not," he replies in a clipped tone. "You could get hurt, I'm not going to allow it to happen." 

I don't back down. One thing I've learned here is to never back down, to fight for what I think is right. Kaiden may be the Alpha but I'm the Luna and it's my job to keep this pack safe too. 

"I'm going to go and you can't stop me. You can come with me if you want but I'm not going to sit around and wait. He killed someone." I reply. Harper, who is stood at the back of the group, nods her head approvingly. 

Aidan smirks at me. Kaiden sighs in resignation. 

"Fine but you come with me and Harper," he relents. I give him a grateful smile. 

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