Chapter Nine.

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Tonight is the mayoral debate between Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge and for some reason Sweet Pea insists on going. Obviously Archie is my friend and Fred was like another dad too me whilst growing up, just like he was too everyone else but I honestly didn't like the feeling I was getting about leaving our home tonight.

"Sweets please can we just stay in? I know Archie won't mind, okay maybe he will a little because he doesn't know about the pregnancy yet but I'm really not in too much of a mood too attend some mayoral debate. Wouldn't you prefer it if we just stayed in anyway?" I asked him as I got off the lounge and walked closer too him with every sentence. By the time I had finished speaking I was standing right in front of him.

"You know I would love too stay inside with you baby but we need to leave the trailer at some stage. You can't let this idiot Black Hood keep you locked up inside all day, the doctor said it themselves you need to get some fresh air and exercise too maintain a healthy pregnancy." Sweet Pea pecked me on the lips before pulling me closer too him. "I don't want anything to happen to either of you, I don't know what I would do if you got hurt in anyway shape or form. You and our baby are my life now." He kissed me on the lips once more before dragging me towards the bathroom.

"Now will you please go and shower and get ready? You literally haven't left the house since Toni and Fangs found out about the pregnancy and that was two weeks ago. Just because they keep bringing you all of your school work in order for you too graduate doesn't mean you get too stop taking care of yourself all together." I huffed as I gave in too Sweets persuasion.

"Fine, fine, fine, I'll go and shower and I suppose get changed. As long as you call Toni and Fangs and tell them that we're going too the political downfall of Fred Andrews and that I need their emotional support whilst I emotionally support the Andrews then I'm in." 

Sweet Pea only laughed at my request before smiling and pulling out his phone to message our best friends.

"I expect the message too be written in my exact words thank you Sweets." I blew him a kiss and waltzed over too the shower as I heard him laugh underneath his breath, that only made me smile more.

Sweet Pea and I had known each other for years and despite our hookups I never imagined we would be anything more than benefits except here we are: he's practically moved into my family home, we see each other every waking moment and when we're sleeping his arms are always around me, oh and I can't forget the fact that I'm having his child.

I never thought I was going too find that perfect guy, I thought movies and tv shows had ruined that for me but then along came Sweet Pea. He rode into my life on that beautiful motorbike of his, the both of us being Serpents we were thrown into the gang madness but he always knew how to keep me grounded. I hope for our child's sake they inherit his capability of being stable in life's chaos because I surely don't have that ability.


I was sitting on the back of Sweet Pea's motorbike as we rode too the town hall where the mayoral debate was taking place, we still hadn't announced our pregnancy too anyone besides Toni and Fangs so we didn't need too worry about anyone judging us for the fact that we will be teen parents and Serpents. What many people don't understand is the fact that being a Serpent is honestly one of the best things in my life, they are my family and yeah sometimes a couple of our members get caught up in some dodgy things but that doesn't make our entire gang bad, that's only the North-siders view on us.

Personally I never enjoyed being caught up in politics even if it was about our own town but I know how important the matter is too Sweet Pea and I know I have too be there to support Archie and Mr. Andrews.

Snapping me out of my thoughts was the sound of the engine dying down as we pulled up outside the hall, Sweet Pea insisted on helping me get off the bike even though I was nowhere near showing and hadn't really been affected all too much by the pregnancy.

"Are you ready for this princess?" Sweets asked me as his arms wrapped around my waist.

"As ready as I'll ever be. I seriously hope that Mr. Andrews wins but honestly this is the Lodge's we are talking about it wouldn't surprise me if they had staged something terrible to throw him off his game." I sighed as I looked out towards the building, watching teens from our school pile through the double doors.

"You know you'll have too go back to school at some stage right Dani? Weatherbee won't let you have anymore time off, sadly it's not like Soutside High: they actually try too care here." Sweet Pea said trying too make it out as if he hated Riverdale High.

"Oh please Sweets you and I both know you love it there, it's probably the best thing that ever happened too you." I laughed at his Serpent front as he tried too act like he didn't care for education.

"You're wrong princess. You're the best thing that's ever happened too me." He leant down and kissed me passionately on the lips as I smiled into the kiss. It felt good knowing that the best thing that had ever happened to me thought I was the best thing too ever happen to him as well. It was almost as though we were a match made in heaven, or at least the Serpents heaven.

We pulled apart after about a minute or so of kissing before I grabbed Sweet Pea's hand and headed towards the double doors, this bad feeling still wouldn't go away but I guess it was just the fact that I was leaving our home for the first time in weeks and the Black Hood was still out there.

"Danica Eden? Is that you?" The voice of Fred Andrews rung through my ears as soon as we stepped through the doors, I let go of Sweet Pea's hands as I walked over and gave him a massive hug.

"It sure is Mr. Andrews! How are you feeling?" I smiled as Fred stood there staring at me.

"You've grown so much! I haven't seen you in around two years and yet here you are, you're a woman now Danica." I cracked up laughing as he stared in disbelief at how much I had changed over the last couple of years. The truth was I used too stay at his place all the time, Archie and I were inseparable when we were younger, that was until I joined the Serpents. I didn't intentionally leave Archie behind but both of us grew up and in doing so we grew apart too, despite it all though Fred would never stop being like a father too me.

"It's been awhile hasn't it Mr. Andrews?" I couldn't wipe the smile off my face because of how proud I was of him for finally chasing his dreams.

"Now that's an understatement right there. Plus you know you can call me Fred, none of this 'Mr. Andrews' stuff it makes me sound old!" I laughed once more before I turned around slightly and pulled Sweet Pea closer too me so I could introduce him to Fred.

"Fred, this is my boyfriend Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea this is Fred Andrews, Archie's biological father and my basically adopted father." 

Sweet Pea stuck his hand out too greet Fred who accepted it immediately. 

"It's nice too meet you sir." 

"A nice strong handshake you have there young man. Did you two meet through the Serpents?" Fred asked as he pointed out Sweet's neck tattoo and my hand tattoo.

"We sure did Fred." I smiled proudly at him, Mr. Andrews was one of the only people in this town who was accepting of the Southside Serpents, it could have something too do with the fact that his old high school mate, our leader, FP Jones is the Serpent King or it could just be his good nature. Either way it was always refreshing being able too openly talk about my family with an outsider.

"Well I best get backstage and prepare for tonight! We will be starting shortly and I hope I'll see you two out there cheering me on." Fred stated as he hugged me tight and shook Sweet Pea's hand.

"Without a doubt Fred, we wouldn't have it any other way. Good luck out there." I smiled at him as he begun walking away.

"I'm going too need it that's for sure!".

Laughing I turned too Sweet Pea and leant closer into his chest.

"So that's what it's like meeting the parents hey? How did I do?" He spoke up making me shake my head whilst laughing.

"I'd say you did splendidly Sweet Pea. Shall we take a seat now?" Nodding he took my hand once again and we walked up too the third row, we wanted to be close too the stage but not in the first row because frankly the Lodge's terrified me.

The house lights turned off and the one's on the stage became brighter, signaling we were starting. Tonight sure should be interesting. 


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