Chapter two

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 5 minutes I watched the zombies eat the girl. I notice tears falling down my cheeks. I look away and slide down the tree I am behind, my back scratching against the bark. My breath comes out ragged and my hands are shaking.

 This is what the world has come to. People are starving and mothers are leaving their own children for the dead. Literally.

 A few more minutes pass and the sounds of the zombies chewing the girl have died down. I take a while to calm down and shakily stand up. I face the tree and rest my forehead on the rough bark. All I want to do is scream. Scream until I can't feel my throat anymore. Scream until there's blood in my mouth. I don't do that though. I don't wish to be consumed today.

 I remember what I was about to do before I heard the scream. I pull out my pocket knife and press it down on the tree. After I'm done I step back and take a look.

 The world is fucked up



 I wake up to the sound of a can being dropped.

"Crappidy doo! Why am I so stupid!" someone whispers. I stifle a giggle at the person’s silly alternate choice of swearing. Then it hits me. Crappidy doo! Someone is in here! I scream in my mind. Last night I was in such a state that I decided to crash in a small grocery store. Now I know that that wasn’t the best idea because people will obviously come for supplies.

 I quietly roll off the shelf I slept in – the confectionary shelf. I commando crawl to the check out bench and slide underneath it. I made it just on time, as a pair of combat boots shuffle in front my face. I clamp a hand over my mouth to quieten my breathing.

 “Hi, how are you?” The person – a girl – asks. My first thought is, Oh no, she found me. But the girl keeps talking.

“I’m good, thanks... Oh, the machine is broken? What a shame... I guess I’ll have to just take these without paying.” What the hell is this chick doing?

“I am sorry, but it’s your fault the machine is broken... I understand, but I need these because, in case you haven’t noticed... there’s some weird shit going on outside... I will not pay you just an estimated amount of money... I’m broke!... No... Can’t I just take it for free?”

 Is this girl acting out buying groceries? That’s it... This is the weirdest thing I have ever experienced.

 “Come on, mate!” The girl continues – still. “Yes I am of drinking age? Do you see this ID?... Right there... I’m 21!... No. This is not fake! Who do you think I am?... Oh so now you’re telling me that there is no ID and I’m showing you an out-of-date pop tart?”

 I press my hand over my mouth more tightly so my giggles can’t be heard.

 “Well, you know what? I would show you a fake ID if a) there were laws, and, b) IF YOU EXISTED!” The girl yells before stomping off. I hear a door open and close quietly. She’s gone. That was some crazy weirdo stuff right there. I decide I have nothing better to do and follow the girl out of the shop.

 Once I’m outside, I take a quick glance around before I spot a girl with purple hair walking down the end of the street. I silently jog after her – my converse not making a noise against the pavement. The street is pretty much deserted, apart from the girl and a dead bird. Nothing I can’t handle.

 I follow the girl for about 20 minutes, ducking behind rubbish bins and abandoned cars whenever she looks over her shoulder. I keep at least 30 meters between us, making sure she doesn’t sense my presence. The girl walks over to a small park with a playground and sits on one of the swings. I hide behind a tree – I tend to do that a lot. She opens up a backpack that she put all her supplies in. She takes out a pop tart and opens it, mumbling to herself, “Better not let the others find out about this.”

 As she eats I take the time to take in her image. She is wearing black combat boots, dark blue jeans and a black shirt that says Keep calm and Kill Zombies. Well that’s a bit ironic. Her hair is a bright shade of purple and is pulled back into a ponytail. I can’t see any details of her face, but she has a bit of chubbiness in her cheeks, and her nose is small. Just by the looks of this girl, you can tell that she is surviving well in the apocalypse. She isn’t overly skinny, and she looks relatively clean.

 She finishes her pop tart and crumples the rapper. She stands up, dropping the rapper in a nearby bin, and walks away. I continue stalking her. We walk for 20 more minutes until we reach a house in a small street. The girl walks up to the door and knocks. I duck behind a bush – not a tree! – and watch as  the door is opened.

 "Finally!” someone yells from inside the house, “I thought you died!” A face appears at the door. There are now two people at the door; one tallish, kickass looking girl, and a shorter girl carrying a black duffle bag with daisies on it.

 “Maddie, calm your scrotums,” Purple-Hair says. “I was only gone for a few hours.”

“A few hours too long,” Maddie huffs. The taller girl rolls her eyes.

“Come inside,” she says. “I don’t want you two trumpets attracting any of the biters!”

“We’ve been over this. This is not some movie, you can call them zombies,” Purple-Hair sighs. She enters the house anyway. But before the door shuts behind her, she turns around and faces where I’m hiding.

“Are you coming, or what?” she asks, looking directly at me, even though she can’t see me. My heart starts pounding, Is she talking to me? How did she find me? I hear footsteps approaching me and a face materializes in front of me. I cringe. The girl smiles at me.

“Don’t worry,” she laughs. “I’ve been doing this for a while now, even before this whole thing. I know when I’m being followed.”

“Oh,” is all I can say. The girl grins at me.

“I’m Sophie, by the way,” she says, sticking her hand out for me to take. I take it and she pulls me up to my feet.

“Alice,” I reply.

“Well, Alice,” Sophie says. “You look like you need a good rest.”

I just nod.

“There’s a house over in the next streets somewhere,” she says. “There’s a lovely couple that live there, they’ll take you in.”

I nod and start heading off to where she pointed.

 “Hey!” Sophie calls after me. I turn around and raise an eyebrow at her. “You know I was kidding, right?” she asks. No, I obviously did not know you were kidding, I think to myself, blushing. Sophie laughs and gestures for me to follow her.

“We’ve got room for one more.” She walks into the house holding the door open expectantly. I reluctantly follow. Maybe this will be beneficial for me.

 “Everyone!” Sophie calls into the house. “This is Alice.”

A/N: HI EVERYONE (all two of you) how are you? Anyways this is another chapter. Now I want to warn you that the next TWO chapters are crappy and are fillers.

Chapter five is when it gets good.

The next chapters are more focused on characters and such.



This chapter is dedicated to the beautiful Alice, who is my main character :D so yay! I feel as though this book needs a song. I dunno, music helps me write. :D Now I'm rambling... Anyway I'm so excited for chapter five woooooooooo... I have it all planned out :DDDD


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