Chapter 32

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Kayleigh's pov

"I think that's the last of the boxes." Shawn says while setting down a box in the living room.

I stand a few feet away from him and look around the room, feeling a little overwhelmed about the amount of unpacking that we now have to do. Shawn walks over to me with the biggest smile on his face. "Hey, I'm glad you're here." He grabs my shoulders as he says this before pulling me in for the biggest hug.

His happiness is contagious and I reach my face up and kiss him on the cheek. "Me too."

His arms embrace me tightly and he cups my face with his hands and kisses me. I run my fingers across the waistline of Shawn's jeans, lingering for a second at his belt before unbuckling it. He looks at me with lust in his eyes before I give him a shove towards the couch, putting an amazed look on his face.

I pull the rest of Shawn's belt through the loops and throw it on the ground. I then sit on his lap and straddle him. I run my hands through his hair and kiss him passionately. He spreads his hands across my back and pulls me further into him. He seperates from my lips briefly and says, "I hear moving in sex is the best sex."

"You're a dork," I giggle and then go back to kissing him.

He stands up still holding onto me and jumps back into the couch with me on the bottom which makes me shriek with laughter. "You know, we should really start unpacking." I say as Shawn begins to kiss my neck.

He continues to kiss my neck and lifts off my shirt. "Yeah we should." And continues to kiss my chest. He then unbuttons my jeans and tracing my pink lace underwear, sending shivers down my body.

"I'm serious!" I say shoving his head away.

He pouts his lips and groans, "ugh cmon."

"Later." I reply with a wink.

"I'm going to hold you to that." He says cupping my ass and kissing me deeply once more.

We finish unpacking the boxes and getting everything settled. "Oh I forgot to tell you, Travis Scott is in town tonight I can get us in if you want to go." Shawn says.

"Um yes!" He knows I love Travis Scott, Sara and I know every word to Sicko Mode. "How many tickets can you get?"

"I'm guessing however many I want really, I've already texted lots of people about it."

"Ooh what should I wear?"

"Let's go buy something." He says which intrigues me.

"I'm literally broke right now." I say and pout my lips.

"Consider it a early Christmas gift."

"Christmas is like four months away, but I won't complain." I kiss him on the check before drinking my coffee quickly and going to get ready for the day.

I put on a white chunky knit sweater and a pair of acid wash jeans. I then rye my hair into a low knot and curl the tandrals framing my face. I put on some makeup since there will be people around us and most likely cameras. "Are you ready?" Shawn calls out. I put on some suede saddle brown boots and walk out to meet him.

"I just got a car to come get us so we don't have to worry about parking, and Jake is coming too."

"We probably didn't have to bother him. It's not like people know we are coming." I feel bad when Jake has to come help us, even though it is his job he deserves some time off too.

"He was on call anyway and said he didn't mind." I shrug and we walk outside to the car.

"Where to?" The driver asks.

"Aritzia on Yonge please." Aritzia is my favourite store.

We chat with Jake on the way downtown and it's a good thing that he ended up coming with us. Downtown is packed. We park outside Aritzia and Jake walks in first and asks if they could clear out the store a little, just so we can have a bit of privacy. He comes back a few minutes later and the store has significantly less people than before and the security came out to help us in since the black car has kind of attracted visitors.

"Ready?" Shawn asks and I nod. He steps out first and then walks around to open my door for me. Girls start to scream as they notice him which only attracts more people. I step out and people instantly surrond is, the security guards trying to keep them back. Shawn begins to yell loudly. "I'm sorry guys, I would normally take pictures with you all, but Kayleigh and I are just spending some time together so I hope you can understand. Love you." The security ushers us inside as quickly as possible and Shawn holds my hand tightly the whole time.

We get inside and Shawn continues to hold my hand. Somebody comes over to help us, "Hi my name is Mallory and I'll be happy to assist you today. Is there anything in particular that you're looking for?"

"Yeah, actually I'm wondering if you have any sequinned dresses?"

"Oh sure, right over here."

Mallory leads us over to a rack and hands me ones she thinks would look nice on me. Shawn and I continue to browse around while she sets a changing room aside for us. "Do you have one of these?" Shawn asks me pointing to a super puff winter jacket.

"No, aren't they nice?"

"Try these ones on." He gives me a red and a black colour.

I try on the black first and it's just as nice as I thought it would be. "Ooh I love it." I say turning around for Shawn.

"It's really nice, try the red."

"Red doesn't look as nice with my hair colour, you need dark hair to pull it off." I try it on and predicted correctly.

"Yeah I do like the black better." Mallory comes back over and Shawn speaks to her. "Can you please put this at the till for us?"

"Of course." She says with a smile.

"Shawn you don't need to do that." I rub his back as I walk past him to the dressing room.

"I know but I want too." He grabs my arm before I'm too far past and brings me in for a kiss.

"There's photographers outside." I whisper to him as our foreheads touch.

"I don't care." He says as he pulls me in for one more kiss before I giggle and push him away.

I go into the change room and put on a dark emerald sequinned slip dress before walking out to show Shawn. "I don't know how I feel about the colour, should I try on the black?"

Shawn looks for a second longer, "I don't mind it, and I really like the back of it. But yeah put on the black."

I go back in and change into the black. I definitely like this colour better but still want to make Shawn feel like I value his opinion, which I do, so I go out and show him. "Oh yeah, definitely this one." Shawn says nodding his head with approval.

"Yeah I agree. And then I'll wear it with the heels you got me in Hungary." I say still looking at myself in the mirror.

"Yeah you'll look hot." Shawn says looking at me with lust.

I wink at him and go back to trying on a few more things I picked out. I end up buying two more tops and a pair of cute jeans that will look good with both of them. Shawn goes to pay and I walk up behind him and rub his back again. "Thanks baby."

"Wanna get some lunch?" He asks as he grabs my bags. I nod my head and we head back outside to the car. Shawn picks Cactus Club for lunch so we only have a short drive. We walk in and here's not nearly as many people surronding us this time.

The hostess immediately recognizes Shawn and walks us to their nicest table. On the way there somebody calls out to us from a table. I turn my head and see Lauren waving at us. I wave back but Shawn continues to pull me along to our table.

We have a really nice meal together, people are usually pretty good about not interrupting us when we're eating, which is super awesome. On our way out I go to say hi to Lauren but she's already gone.

Authors Note

This chapter took me forever to write for some reason. But anyway hope you enjoy🥰 xx

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