13. vengeance.

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"Kian, we've got to go," Augustus raved while throwing on a hoodie and grabbing his keys from the top of his cabinet. He pulled out the middle dresser, grabbing a knife, then slid it into his ankle wrap and tucked a gun in the waist of his jeans. Kian did the same thing. I leaned against the door of their room flabbergasted, and they ran past me and down the hallway. "You'll be alright on your own here, right?"

"Um, sure. Where are you guys going?" I ran after them, trying to keep up with the pace, but my short legs could only reach so far. I made it outside to the middle of the beyond dead lawn and stopped with my hands on my hips, trying to get air through my lungs while expelling carbon dioxide. "Hold up! You can't just leave without telling me why!"

"Yes, we can," Augustus turned his head back and shouted. His hair was all over the place and droplets of sweat were falling down the side of his temples. The word "mad" was repeatedly written over on his face, but his eyes portrayed perturbation and fear. Before I could go back to chasing them and grabbing Augustus' arm to remind him of his agreement, Augustus drove off with Kian in the passenger seat of the Lamborghini. He was driving so fast that within seconds, the car was just a dot to my sight, and I could only hear the roars of the engine.

So much for not keeping secrets. I made my way back into the building and grabbed my lab notebook along with my pen, sitting down on Augustus' bed. I did come here with an intention of finishing some work, so I might as well do it, while the boys were out. If I didn't start now, god knows when we would. I pulled out my phone and typed in "Electrophoresis" into the Google search bar.

I scrolled through a bunch of links to articles that explained what electrophoresis was and how it was done but clicked on none. I already understood the basics. What I needed was a specific topic as to what I would apply it to for this project. I continued going through a couple more pages when the first link on top of page 8 grabbed my attention—Electrophoresis in Forensic Science.

I tapped on it and skimmed through the couple of short paragraphs:

"...Electrophoretic separation is used in forensic science since it isolates DNA, blood proteins and inorganic substances such as gunshot residues from crime scenes with suspects, victims, or standard reference material..."

Gunshot—my mother. Suspects—investigating.

It hit me. I could use this project as a way to figure out who killed my mother if I had the necessary resources. I began writing the introduction, purpose, and materials of the lab into my notebook. Most of the things I needed were either too hard to attain or it didn't exist, but considering it was an experiment, it didn't mean the conclusion of it had to be successful. So I made a couple of changes to the overall process, rather than proceeding with the "normal" way.

When my mother was shot, I never caught the face of the shooter besides his short, dark brown hair that was being blown all over the place from the wind. I was too out of it with whatever I was drugged with. Everyone around him and his face was deformed; they looked foreign.

The first step was figuring out who the killer possibly could be. I didn't have much of an idea, but Augustus probably does or at least some suspicions. He did mention that Johan could be it, but there was no way to find him. He had to come to me, and when he does, not only do I have to worry about trying to survive but to also get a DNA sample.

The second problem I had was obtaining DNA from the crime evidence. There was no way to get to it besides committing a couple crimes, like sneaking into the local police station where the evidence is being held and taking it out of the room. Calculating the risks and benefits, I came to the conclusion that the benefits overweighed the consequences. It was kind of ironic; Augustus and I were going to commit crimes just to solve one.

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