Chapter 11

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---Alex POV

I rolled my eyes as I glared at Rachel and Jessica playing video games in the back seat. How the hell is that even possible? Jessica looked like she was about to rip Rachel’s throat just about an hour ago; now their all giggles.

Ashley had succeeded in dragging us along to the beach. We had just left Rachel’s house where she showered and put on her bikini along with a pair of shorts. Jessica on the other hand, I couldn’t see what she was wearing unfortunately.

All I know is, I’m gonna enjoy the beach; I grinned at the thoughts that ran through my head.

“Alex stop!” Jessica yelled

I pressed down on the brake and the car came to a stop


“I want gummy snacks” she said with a crooked grin

I sat facing her with my brows raised. “Y-you want gummy snacks?” “Are you kidding me?”

I glared at Rachel who was now breathless from laughing.

I made a u-turn into the mini mart and parked. They both got out of the back and I handed them some money to get some snacks.

I’m soooo gonna get her back for this, I thought I ran over someone or something. I know exactly what to do, and she wont even see it coming. I chuckled to myself, finally I get to see Jess in a bikini! I’ve seen her in less but something about them turn me the fuck on.

“What are you smiling at?” Rachel asked with her brow raised

I smirked,  “Nothing, nothing at all”

They both shrugged and got in the car. A smile plastered on my face as I sped down the highway towards the beach.

“We’re here guys” I said as the beach came into view.

I drove around until I finally found a parking space way in the back. I grabbed my towel and begun walking towards Ashley and the rest of our friends with Jessica and Rachel in tow bringing everything else.

“What the hell took so long?” Ashley asked

I studied her, she wore a pink, polka dot bikini and was laying on a towel beside Sean.

“Don’t ask me, ask them” I rolled my eyes.

“Thanks for all your help Alex” Jessica grumbled dropping the blanket and the bags of snacks

“Where do we put the drinks?” Rachel asked

Sophie pointed towards a cooler.

I watched as Jessica spread the blanket beside Ashley and took off her shirt, exposing her full breasts being covered by the skimpy blue fabric they call a bikini. She sprayed on her sun lotion then laid with her shades covering her eyes.

I raised a brow “Aren’t you going in the water?”

“Nope, at least not now”

I groaned and looked away. I couldn’t look at her for too long without getting hot.

“Well I need to cool down” I said honestly.

I yanked off my shirt, leaving me in my sports bra that matched my blue and white swim trunks.

“My god” I heard Sophie say


“Are those real?” she took off her glasses and observed my abs

I smirked “I believe so”

I kicked off my slippers and ran out to the sea. I paused when I heard footsteps following me into the water.

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