thirteen; i'll be fine

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C H A P T E R  T H I R T E E N ;

millie's pov;

f l u t t e r i n g o p e n , my eyes became drowsily aware as the rest of my body laid numb, not hurting nearly as much as before... must be the medication.

noticing a warmth encasing me comfortably, i slowly raised my head to take in finn sound asleep as i used his chest as a pillow. i unlinked my hand from his and a smile twinkled upon my lips, i wasn't dreaming, i was actually here.

it'd be wonderful for this to last forever— finn being with me, not the whole hospital situation. is that creepy to want an ideal with a boy to last? i know maddie will wisk him away and i'll go with jaeden like normal which is totally fine, i really like him.

glancing at finn's freckled face, i hadn't realized the boy was up as he quietly chuckled followed by a very groggy, "good morning."

opening my mouth to question why he was laughing at me, an unpleasant raw sound came out and my voice disappeared in a matter of seconds. i seemed to forgot that i couldn't talk.

"you have horrible bedhead millie," he admitted, i snapped my head away not thinking it was very funny. i mean i'm in one of the most dreadful pains in my whole life and finn has to make fun of my hair.

maybe i'm exaggerating a bit.

he left the sheets and returned holding a white board and a black thin tip marker, gently pushing it into my hand as i accepted it. i assumed i wasn't able to go on any screen for awhile because of my head, so typing was out of the question.

"the doctors gave it to me, ya know, until your voice comes back," he said, silently i began judging how bad his bedhead was too— his curls can in no way be messier than mine.

deciding to keep quiet and nod, i scribbled words down after flicking the cap off and tapping the marker to gain his attention.

"are you going back to class today?"

"and leave you alone on your first full day awake?
no way, we can binge shows or uh online shop?" he cheerfully suggested, sitting in the chair nearby as we both knew he despised shopping.

i erased my question with my finger, writing the next sentence i couldn't speak as finn gave me a tissue to use for the marker.

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