Chapter 9-Prego

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Gracie and Aaron- *still asleep cuddling*

Jay-*gets up around 5 in the morning and makes his way to Aarons room*

Aaron- *half asleep*

Jay-*walks into the dorm and sets my bags down before walking into the bathroom and takes a cold shower and starts the cry. Letting it out because the dorm is empty with no sign of Aaron sleeping in the dorm* (or so he thought)

Aaron- Ah- *gets quiet so he dosent wake gracie up continues to cuddle her and pretends to sleep*

Jay-*turns the water pressure up and cries louder before he steps out of the shower and wraps a towel around his waist then walks out of the bathroom and gets in his bag to get clothes*

Aaron- *hoping jay wont notice him*

Jay-*finds some pants and slips his towel off, and starts putin

said pants on before looking for a shirt*

Aaron- *starts dozing off*

Jay-*turns around and sees Aaron and covers his chest like a girl and screams*

Aaron- shhhh!?!

Jay-*covers his mouth and sinks to the floor and crawls back into the bathroom and locks the door*

Aaron- dude im sorry

Jay-*whispers* no. its okay. Im just embarrassed you saw my ass and didnt say anything. Omg! Omg!

Aaron- my eyes were closed...

jay-*pops his head into the room, red in the face* look man it just surprised me is all. I think ima stay in here until. Uh later? *closes the door again*

Aaron- okay *hopes he doesn't notice gracie*

Jay-*sits in a small cubby under the sink and starts playing on his phone*

Aaron- so.. Your just going to stay in there..?

Jay-Yeah. Pretty much.

Aaron-..... *hoping he dosent come out and notice gracie* ok

Gracie- * beginning to wake up* hm-

Aaron- shh!

Gracie- *whispers* why what's going on...

Aaron- *whispers* jays here.. I think we need to go.. And let him have some alone time

Gracie- *whispers* okay...

Aaron- *normal voice* hey um dude ima go and leave you alone if that's fine

Jay- okay *continues to play on his phone*

Gracie and Aaron- *leaves to go do something else*

Phoenix-*walking in the halls*

Gracie and Aaron- *passes phoenix* *stops*

Gracie- oh hi phoenix,.. Did you fix things with vanessa?..

Aaron- yeah,'s that going?..

Phoenix- not the best

Aaron- oh.. Well have you talked to her?

Phoenix-I've tried

Aaron- maybe she just needs time.., what was the argument about anyways?...

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