Chapter 8: New relationships, The move and other dumb shit.

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Gracie-*wakes up and sees Aaron* hmm... hey sleepy~ *pokes his face* hehe

Aaron- huh?... hmmm..... i'm trying to sleep......

Gracie- *flirty voice* hmmhehe okay~ *kisses him on cheek*

Aaron- *falls back asleep*

Jasmine-*texts gracie 'hey, there is pizza from last night in the fridge if yall want it. I just got up but i'm heading back to bed'*

Gracie- *texts back 'okay'* hmm... pizza..

Aaron-*wakes up* pizza? *gets up and grabs a slice*

Gracie- bitch dont eat all of it! *goes and gets a slice*

Gracie and Aaron- *begins fighting over food*

Gracie- FUCK OFF ITS MINE!!! *shoves a slice in her mouth*

Aaron- NO ITS FUCKING MINE!!! *shoves a slice in his mouth*

Phoenix-*knocks on the door* hey graice you in there?

Gracie- *mouth full of pizza* mmhmhm ITS mmm MINE!!

Phoenix-*opens the door* hey

Gracie and Aaron- *stops and acts like nothing happened* hi

Phoenix-where you guys fighting over pizza?

Gracie and Aaron- umm no...

Phoenix-okay then do you guys mind if i stay in here for a little bit

Gracie- sure..

Phoenix-*sits down on the floor* thanks..

Aaron- so how are you and vanessa doing?..

Phoenix-we got in a fight that's why i came here..

Aaron- maybe shes on her period... or were you just too rough ;)

Jasmine-*walks in as Aaron said that with bed head and slaps him upside the head* rude. Dont say that.

Aaron- ugh! What the fuck jasmine!

Gracie- *angry* *walks up to jasmine* *intimidating* seriously?

Jasmine-*looks down at gracie and puffs her chest out* Bro. you really dont scare me. And honestly he was being rude. You dont say that to a friend who just has a fight with their girlfriend.

Gracie- *eyes change to a really dark color* oh really?.. We'll see about that....

(you guys don't know but aaron and gracie both had a terrible week)

Phoenix-just stop guys..

Jasmine-*backs away, glaring* fine. *walks out of the dorm and calls trinity to meet her down at the park*

Phoenix-Gracie what should I do

Gracie- look i dont know,.. What the hell was it about?

Phoenix-stuff stupid stuff that didn't make sense to fight about...

Gracie- well i can't help you there..

Aaron- *walks to his dorm so he can cry*


Gracie- *can tell somthings wrong* um hold on i'll be back...*follows Aaron* *feels the urge to cry**underbreath* 'what the hell..?'

Jay-*texts Aaron 'Hey.... things at dads aren't doing so well. Do you still have an empty bed i can stay on until i can get on my feet?'*

Aaron- *silently crying* *text back 'yeah'*

Gracie- *walks into the room Aarons in* hey.. *shedding tears not meaning too* you okay?

Aaron- *walks over to Gracie* *lays head on her shoulder* no..

Gracie- *hugs Aaron and walks over to the bed and sits down* whats wrong..*cuddles him* talk to me

Aaron- ... i dont know.. My weeks just been terrible.. She just left... with no explanation.. And she's so mean now.. *crying on gracies shoulder* i dont understand what i did...

Gracie- ... The same thing happened to me....*starts crying* just no explanation..... You didnt do anything wrong...

Gracie and Aaron- *falls asleep together*


Jay-*gets off the bus and starts walking to the school, before he stops and climbs a tree so he can feel like old times**texts Aaron 'i'm here'*

Aaron- *no response cause he's sleeping*

Jay-*shrugs and looks up at the stars, before falling asleep in a tree*

Vanessa- ugh *sits under a tree*

Aaron- *half asleep* *texts back 'ok"* *falls back asleep cuddling gracie*

Jay-*falls out of the tree and lands next to vanessa barely missing her*

Vanessa- oh hi

Jay-*groans, and looks at ness* hey nessa, long time.

Vanessa- guess so

Jay-*looks at vanessa with a bloody nose* what's wrong nessa?

Vanessa- ugh got in a fight with phoenix the other day

Jay-*looks vanessa up and down, lifting her arms up* he didn't hurt you did he?! I will fuck him up.

Vanessa- no he didn't

Jay-*nods and wipes his nose* good your like a sister to me. I wouldnt want some asshole to make the mistake of hurting you. Because he would then have to deal with this *flexes weirdly*

Vanessa- *laughs a little* your not that threatening you know

Jay-*nods and leans against the tree* i know. I've been told by many people. My parents being some.

Vanessa- oh.

Jay-*looks at vanessa* hey. I know something fun we could do. We could always go to the arcade and drive around with loud music. That sounds like old times. Back in high school.

Vanessa- maybe

Jay-*gasps dramatically* that's not the vanessa i used to know. Hell you're the one who would make me and Aaron do these things. Drive you around town and play games in shut down arcades.

Vanessa-*flicks jay* i think im just gonna go to my dorm

Jay- eh! Your no fun. *look into his duffle bag and pulls out a shirt* here i got this for you. Its to big on you. I see that now. But here. Merry christmas.

Vanessa- *takes the shirt and walks off to her dorm* Merry Christmas

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