Best surprise ever

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I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating on my bedside table. I roll over and unlock my phone, squinting at how bright the screen is. I see Laurens caller ID flash and I decline it and message her 'Hey L, sorry I never answered it, it woke me up, what's up?' I send the message before putting my phone back on the table. I go downstairs and find my dad sitting on the sofa. I remembered that he told me to remind him I'm going to Laurens today. I walk over to him and sit opposite him. "morning dad." I say smiling at him, he doesn't look happy."what do you want!" he says aggressivly, I soften my voice so its more of a whisper. "you told me last night to remind you I'm going to Laurens today." I explained looking at the ground."THANKGOD YOU'RE GOING SOMEWHERE, PLEASE JUST HURRY AND GET THE FUCK OUT" He shouts standing up and walking over to, I wince knowing what's going to happen. He hits me. I run back to my room cluching my cheek where my dad just hit. I fall onto my bed in a bundle and once again cuddle up to my penguin before I decide to check my phone and see a message from Lauren 'Hey Ash, you can come over when you like, I hope everything's okay, love you xx' I instantly message her back asking if I could go round hers now, a couple of minutes later I get a message back 'Of course you can, what's up? tell ya what tell me when you get here hope nothing has happened:( xx' she replies, I don't bother to reply, I place my phone on my bed and get up to go to the bathroom to take a shower, then I apply my make up. As I walk back to my room I remember Lauren said that she's related to ASHTON IRWIN and that I get to FINALLY meet him. I start to fangirl but soon stop to finish getting ready. I message Lauren ' I'll be there in 5 xx' I send before grabbing my phone and spare house keys in case my dad wanders off somewhere. Oh my mums at work by the way so I don't see her that often.

I run down the stairs and say bye to my dad, just as I'm about to leave I hear something smash, I run towards my dad and see what just smashed, I see blood dripping off of his hand hinting to me that he just punched the smashed object. "GET OUT YOU LITTLE SHIT I WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN" those words hurt so much, I ran out the house quickly with tears streaming down my face. a few minutes later I bang on the door to Lauren's house, after a few seconds Lauren answers "ASHHLEIGHH" she says before seeing me crying then pulling me into a hug. "OMFG WHAT HAPPENED" she says pulling me upstairs to her room. I sit on her bed against the wall. "so spill the beans what's up?" at her words I turn to face her. "it all mainly started just as I was about to leave I heard an object smash, I ran to where my dad was and saw blood dripping off his hand,my mum is at work so it was only me and him in the house. I glanced at his hand then at the window that had been smashed before he said something that just hurt me.." I explain before bursting out in tears. "If you can, please tell me what he said Ash, I need to know." Lauren said sympathetically, rubbing my back trying to calm me down. "he......said....... He.......wishes I was.......never born...." I say slowly in between sniffs. suddenly, there was a knock on the bedroom door, it was Harry, Laurens little brother. "Lauren mum said you both need to go down to the living room now." he explained smiling at me which made me smile, he's just too cute. "Ok we'll be down in a minute Harry." she replied smiling at him before he walked out and shut the door behind him. Lauren hugged me tightly and said "Shit Ash don't cry your makeup will smudge." at her words she made me laugh, I got up and went to her bathroom to clean myself up and reapply my makeup. Yes, I bought my makeup with me,I take it everywhere I go. I walk out looking fresh faced, I walk back into Laurens room to get my phone."let's go down then shall we?" Lauren said before we both walk out and she shuts her door behind me.We both walk downstairs, me behind her, leading me into the living room. Lauren opens the living room door slightly and I hear her mum say "tell her to shut her eyes..." I couldn't hear the last part but lauren turned around and told me to cover my eyes up, I did so and she guided me into the room, she told me to open my eyes so I did and THE Ashton Irwin was standing right in front of me smiling at me, his smile is so beautiful just like every other part of him. I begin fangirling inside but somehow keep calm on the outside. I smile back at him before I see him open his arms up ready for a hug. I walk into his arms wrapping mine around him. He smells nice not gunna lie. We hugged for a couple of minutes before I pulled away, I know what you're thinking, why couldn't you have stayed hugging him longer? well over a sudden a rush of hurt from what my dad said to me earlier washed over me. I ran upstairs to the bathroom slamming the door, I hope Ashton doesn't think its his fault, it isn't at all. Tears stream down my face continuously. I soon hear a knock at the door. They open it slowly, its Lauren. "Hey Ash what's up? I thought you forgot about what happened?" she asked, Im too upset to speak so I just shake my head, she opens the door wider so she could walk in. she hugged me and pulled me back to her room sitting me on her bed and her on the chair opposite her bed where her desk is. She tries to take my mind off of what happened but no matter what happened it wouldn't work. soon after there was a knock at the door. "Come in" Lauren said before the door opened and closed again. I didnt bother to look who it was but I soon felt the bed dip down a bit, I look who it was and saw Ashton looking at Lauren who was telling him why I was so upset. "So glad it wasn't my fault Ashleigh, you're beautiful I don't know why your dad would say something like that." Ashton says pulling me in for another hug, he rubs my back calming me down and occasionally saying 'it'll be ok', surprisingly it worked I sat up more before asking "what am I gunna do though I have to go back there?" I asked annoyed that I know that I would have to go back there at some point. " about you ask your dad if you could stay here for a few nights then you two come on tour with me and the boys as a nice long holiday/ break away." Ashton says before looking between me and Lauren. I smiled and unlocked my phone calling my dad...

after a few rings he answers, I put him on loud speaker as he speaks "WHAT DO YOU WANT EH?" He asks angrily "I was wondering if I could stay round Laurens for a few days then go on holiday with her for a while?" I ask innocently "YES OF COURSE YOU FUCKING CAN SO GLAD YOU WONT BE HERE!" he speaks loudly down the phone. his words didn't hurt me this time knowing I'll be with Lauren and Ashton for quite a while. "cheers dad I'll be back home with Lauren to pack some stuff cya soon" I say before he speaks back kindly..."Alright sweetie cya later" I hang up and throw my phone on the bed "he's always like that but at least I won't hear it for a while." I say to Ashton and Lauren . "wait so aren't you hurt by his words?" Lauren asks ."Nope coz I'm going on tour with my FAVOURITE band." I say before looking at Ashton seeing him smile."Naaaaaaw Thankyou babe." Ashton says still smiling which soon turns into a giggle. I love his giggle so much.

*Few hours later*

"We better go to my house and pack" I say to Lauren. "Shit yeah we better, its getting late, its already dark out haha." Ashton looks at Lauren."Is that hinting that you want me to drive you both there and back hahahaha." He says raising one eye brow. "ummmm..." Lauren begins."that means yes, okay let's go then." Ashton says. we all get into his car, I sit in the back seats behind the front passenger seat. the whole ride to my house was quiet. Lauren must have told Ashton where I live coz I never told him and he seemed as though he knew where he was going.

a few minutes later we arrived at my house opening the front door with my spare key, I run to my room with Lauren following, we got in my room and took out my big suitcase from under my bed, packing what needs to be packed.

we got back in the car and drove back to Lauren and Ashton's house. we arrived and went up to Laurens room to set some stuff out like the bed/mattress I was sleeping on. "You can have the bed I'll have the mattress I don't care what you say aha you're having the bed" lauren says without letting me argue. we went downstairs to say night to Laurens mum, it was 10p.m, I know its early but we're both knackered. after saying night to Anne Marie (Ashton,Lauren and Harry's mum) we went to say night to Ashton, we knocked on his bedroom door, we heard a bang and looked at each other before the door opened. a topless Ashton Irwin stood at the door smiling. "Ash we were just coming to say night." Lauren said looking at Ashton. "Night girls, love you both." He replied smiling at me. "Love you too Ash, goodnight, nice to finally meet you" I said smiling back at him. just before he shut the door Lauren spoke up."Oh Ash?" she said remembering the loud bang we heard earlier."Yo?" Ashton replied giggling at what he just said."what was that loud bang just now?" Lauren asked."Oh only my laptop, I was skyping Mikey and when I got up I dragged the charger with me and it fell on the floor so....yeah haha." he explained scratching the back of his neck."Alright Ash night" we both say before walking back to where we were sleeping. "Night Ash" lauren says. "Night lauren" I reply cuddling my penguin, Yes I bought my penguin haha. lauren must have quickly fallen asleep coz I heard her snoring. I smiled to myself before falling asleep.

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