Chapter 3

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*Lolita's POV*

I wake up to the sound of music blasting. I try to drown it out but snuggling in to Clark's chest. I look down and realize that Clark changed his clothes. Weird I think. I finally look up to see I'm snuggling with Mason.

I pull away but his arms are wrapped around me tight I only go an inch or so back. "Mason it's time to wake up" I whisper. He moans a noish sound and keeps on sleeping.

I try to shake him. That doesn't work. I try to get out of his grasp again. That doesn't work. So I do the only thing I know I'll work. I bite his neck as hard as I can. His eyes shoot open and I wiggle out of his loosen grasp to go to the bathroom.

When I'm done I walk back to see any one in my room. I shrug it off. The next thing you know I'm pinned against the wall by him. "So you like biting huh?" He said in a low voice. I don't answer.

"You know it's a lot more fun when I'm biting you and giving you hickeys so every one knows who you belong to." I look up at him my mouth open a little bit looking at him with wide eyes, blushing hard. I most likely look like a tomato right now.

He chuckles making it seem more like a joke. I fake a laugh. Confused oh how it was funny but not wanting to be left out. He moves making me free again.

"Where's Clark?" I ask which seemed to anger him. "Don't know, don't care" I pout at this. "What's wrong baby?" He said with a look of concern. I sniffle saying "n-now I have n-no one to hang out with while you guys party" he walks close o me rubbing my back "it's okay princess I'll stay with you."

"I look up at him "promise?" I put out my pinky. He look down at me take my pinky with his. "Promise" I giggle a little bit looking at our size difference.

"What's funny sweetie?" I smile and say "your really big and I'm really small" I giggle some more when I say it. "That is funny sweetheart" he says look looking at my hand.

"What do you wanna do while the party is going on?" I look up taping my chin "ummm can we watch tv and color?" I say excitedly. "Ya" he says just as excited as me.

"You lock the door while I get the coloring books and stuff." He looks at me weirdly. "Why should I lock the door?" I walk over to him "because I'd don't want people coming in here trying to do dirty stuff!" I say locking the door.

  I run to my book shelf getting a race car coloring book, an animal one and a princess one, along with my markers. I bring them to my bed where Mason is sitting criss cross apple sauce. I turn on the tv and put on Disney channel.

"You choses first" he picks up the animal one. And I pick on the princesse one. I turn to a random page and start coloring while he looks through the book first and then starts to color.

After a while of silence he asks "how old are you Lola?" I don't look at him still coloring and say "16 you?" I finally look up to see him smiling which makes me smile. "17 but I'll be 18 in a month" my eyes widen with excitement.

" ooo what are you doing for your birthday? Can I come? What kinda cake will you have? What do you want for your present?" I say very fast. "Slow down princesse" he says with a laugh. "I don't really wanna talk about my birthday any more"

He hold up his coloring of a pink cow. I giggle and clap. "I love it!" I say with a smile. "Well then you can keep it munchkin" I look up at him. "Really?" I say with hope I can actually keep it. "Ya" he says nonchalantly.

"I'm gonna hang it on my wall!" I jump off my bed to get tape holding the coloring in my right hand. I find the tape and step on my bed to hang it above it. I smooth the tape one all four corners. "Perfect!" I jump down in to a siting position. He looks up are it. "I like it!"

I giggle. "Are you done your picture yet silly girl?" I yell "Nooo I'm not done yet" he smirks saying "okay okay" cleaning up his supplies. I quickly finish up my coloring of a princess and a prince

"Close your eyes" I yell at him. He does as I say coving his eyes. I hold up the picture in front of him. "Okay now look" he opens his eyes and smiles with a light chuckle. "This is amazing" I look ya at him smiling "You like it?!?" He holds the bottom of the paper "like it? I love it it's beautiful" I blush looking down trying to hide it.

He puts his finger under my. Chin making me look at him as he says "I like it when you blush because of me" this made me blush more. "Well then you can have it!" I smile a bit. "Thank you I love it!" He says.

"What time is it?" He looks at his phone replying with "1:30am why?" I gasp "it's way past my bed time" I quickly clear my bed. Then i jumped in bed putting my phone on the charger. He stay standing. By now the party had already died down.

"Are you coming?" I say patting the spot next to me. He crawls in bed and I lay my head on his chest and fall asleep to the sound of the sound of his heart beat.

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