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Still David's pov

I sit her phone back down to were she had it.
I think to myself
I'll just ask her when she gets out.
I was trying to remain calm
What if she wanted him to touch her
What if she likes him and I'm just some type of fling
I can't do this.

I hear the bathroom door open and she comes over to me. "Hey"
"Hi" I say in a mean-ish tone.
"What's up"
"Oh nothing" I say
"Wassss the matter wit you" she says in her cute voice that's so hard to resist.
"NOTHING" I about scream. Holly just stares at me in shock and like shes about to cry, I feel bad but I want to really find out.
"It's obviously something" she mumbles
"Why don't you look on your recent text"
Holly walks over to the little table beside the bed and looks at her recent messages.
"Look, David you know I don't like that guy. He tried to do things to me, you said it for yourself."
"How can I be so sure I wasn't their"
"You wanna go look on those dang cameras to find out"
I roll my eyes in annoyance.
"You know I'd never in a 1,000 years ever do that to you."
I just stare at the ceiling.
" holly it's just I care about you soo much, it's hard to see other guys all up on you, i don't ever wanna lose you" I start to tear up and holly noticed as did she. She came up to hug me and I gladly excepted. We hugged each other tightly.
"Holly, I-I- love you."
Holly pulls away looking at me and smiling.
"David I love you too"
I kiss her again and loving every single second of it. So so so sweet.
I hug her again and we are both crying our eyes out just so happy we rode that plane ride. Holly ended up deleting the contact and just went to bed, laying on my chest falling half way asleep.
"I love you baby"
"I love you too honey"
" I love it, I'm so happy with you." Holly says
" ohh I'm soo happy with you baby" David says.

"Should I delete all of the boys numbers I have on my phone?" She says jokingly

"Please" I say and laugh.
And we fall asleep peacefully.

Finally happy at last

Hello friends! Nice to meetcha hahah. Did you like it well I had no fun writing it! Hahaha just kidding! I love this book and I am posting some more on this book and my other book!

Goodnight guys and merry Christmas. And a happy new year it's 2019!!!!! Omgggg almost 2020 SCARY!! Dun dun dunnn!!!❤️❤️❤️ well it's getting late Rn for me. And im running low on sleep ahahah. I've been pulling an all-nighter an unhealthy amount. Hahah


Good night, Merry Christmas, and happy new year! 🎆🎊🎈

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