13 ~ The Things I Do For Cute Boys

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"So.... You think you're gonna pass the test?" Midoryia asked.

"I hope so... " I sighed.

Midoryia and I were on our way out of class,  which had the test we were studying for just last night.  The "study date" Had gone pretty well.  I was sure I'd get a halfway decent grade on it.  Not only that, but I got to know Midoryia a bit better.  He's a pretty cool guy. 

I had found out that he knows one of Kaminari's friends too; Bakugou  or as Midoryia calls him "Kacchan". From what Midoryia had told me,  Bakugou was always an asshole.  Bakugou used to bully him in junior high, before the asshole had moved to Tokyo.

Another thing was that Midoryia has got a girlfriend too.  I was kinda disappointed at this.  All the good guys are either gay or taken.  Her name is Uraraka Ochaco.  I had told Midoryia that we should all hang out together as a group. He had agreed and said he'd even invite his best friend Tenya Iida. 

And yes we made a group chat for this.

The Cool Kids 😎💯


So we're all gonna hang out Friday right?


I'm in for sure!


I'm down for this


Me too ig


Same y'all


I'm coming too


I will be attending as well.


Yes! I'm so excited




I am too, but you should put your phones away while you're in class. It's going to cause your grades to drop,  and then you will end up not passing.


..... Ok then


Sorry we'll put our phones away now Iida


Good, see you all in 2 days for our meet.


It was now Friday,  and I had totally passed the test.  I was now trying to decide what to wear to our gathering at the bowling alley.

Mina and Jirou would be here soon to come get Haru and I,  so I quickly decided on wearing jeans and a t-shirt with vans to complete the look.  I threw my hair up into a high pony. Haru was waiting out on the couch,  when I came out of my room. 

"You finally ready? " She asked bored.

"Yeah,  I think so." I chuckled as I walked over to sit down next to her.

"Ashido needs to hurry up too." Haru sighed as she continued to draw in her sketch book she had sitting in her lap.

"Have I ever told you how impatient you are? "  I rolled my eyes.

"Yes,  and you know it's why I hardly ever leave the apartment.  My patients is too small to deal with other idiots." Haru explained plainly.

"I know,  which is why I'm surprised that you're coming." I laughed.

"Iida is kinda cute. " She mumbled.

".... What that guy is so uptight though.  I didn't think you were into guys like that." I said slightly surprised.

"I didn't think you were into Pikachus but here we are. " She smirked.

"I hope to god you aren't talking about Kaminari. " I said as my face started heating up.

"You know that's exactly who I'm talking about." Haru said with the smirk still present on her features.

Just as I was about to reply our apartment door was flung open by a very excited Mina.  "LET'S GO GIRLS!!!"

"I'm starting to regret this.  The things I do for cute boys." Haru sighed.

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