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"oops, i gotta go, i have to go in my next class." haeyoung said "we have the same class, see you guys!" doyoung waved a goodbye.

"hyunsuk," junkyu wiggled his eyebrows at him. hyunsuk sighed and left with him.

sadly, sorin doesn't have a next class, her next class will be in a hour.

she cleared her throat. "yedam," jihoon cooed and smiled at him. yedam groaned and rolled his eyes and left with jihoon.

sorin looked at yoonbin and he was busy playing with his fingers. "yoonbin, do you have any next class?" she asked confidently.

yoonbin looked at me, with those charming eyes, she melted.

"no." he replied "how about you?"

sorin shook her head and looked down. yoonbin looked around, his front, his sides and his back.

yoonbin stood up as sorin looked at him. he unexpectedly grabbed her wrist and walked away with her.

she felt nervous and tensed. his hands warm against her skin, she felt shivers.

yoonbin dragged her in the school's rooftop. the wind was cold yet it was sunny. yoonbin closed the door as you admired the view.

"sorin," he called out her name. she turned around and yoonbin started to walk towards her.

yoonbin sighed and licked his dry lips before he spoke, "i'm sorry."

she only looked at his eyes. "i'm sorry if i left you without telling." he added.

sorin sighed and looked down. she wanted to bring the friendship back, but yoonbin left her without any sign, clue, or even a note.

"you broke a promise." she softly said "i thought you would come back."

"i did come back." yoonbin said.

yoonbin grabbed her wrist once again and pulled her closer. "is it really-"

"oh my god."

both yoonbin and sorin looked where the noise came from and there was a girl, with jet black hair and her face filled with make up.

oh shit, it's kang minjee. she likes to spread news from other students that aren't true or mistaken.

"minjee, please-" she cut me off by immediately shutting the door.

"who was that?" yoonbin asked.

"you don't need to know." i replied.

i'm in trouble.

wtf is this, i'm cringing.

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