Fight for everything and mysterious helper

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Rias: Where WHO is?

I turned slowly to Rias.

F/N: Oh, hello Rias. What are you doing here?

I asked nervously.

Rias: I make sure children do not get in trouble. Maybe you tell me what happened here?

F/N: S-Sure...

After explaining

Rias: I see... So everyone moved after that Valper?

F/N: Yes, but they were in such madness, that I don't know if they will be able to act reasonably.

Rias: We can not wait, then. We will have to start the seeking. I will ask Sona for help, now every help is useful.

F/N: Okay, then I'm going to town and I'll try to find them.

Rias: Good luck.

I headed towards the city. I spent the next few hours jumping on buildings and high-voltage lines, hoping to find them.

F/N: God damn it! I don't even know where to start...


F/N: Maybe it's Kiba?

However, when I looked at the phone screen, I noticed an unknown number. I answered the phone.

F/N: Hello? Who's there?

???: H-Hello. Am I speaking with [F/N] [L/N]?

F/N: Maybe, what's going on?

???: S-Sorry,  b-but I need to be sure that I'm talking with [F/N] [L/N].

F/N: Eh... Yes, you talk with [F/N] [L/N], what's going on?

???: W-Wow, I wanted to say that I'm a big fan of you, I've been following you since escaping from Curdun Cay Station-

F/N: What?!

???: What did I say wro-

F/N: How do you know about Curdun Cay Station?!

???: I-

F/N: Who do you work for? Police, army, D.U.P?

???: For no one, I swear.

F/N: So what do you want?

???: As I said, I've been following you since escaping from Curdun Cay Station. I am too... a Conduit. I escaped when you escaped. During all this time I followed you... and your friends.

F/N: Your mom didn't tell you that it's not nice to spy at others?

???: Emm... My mother voted for the establishment of D.U.P.

F/N: Ohh... Sorry.

???: I-It doesn't matter, coming back to the subject. I hacked into city cameras and found something interesting. Look.

I looked at the phone screen, noticed the lying and unconscious Irina.

F/N: Where did you get it from? Where she is?

???: The recording from the camera comes from one of the parks in this city. I'll give you coordinates.

F/N: Okay, thank you so much for your help.

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