| Chapter Seven | Grasping At Straws

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"No!" Jordan said before they pulled Ty out and let him hit the ground. Ty groaned, Jordan looked at Mac who's being held by two guards. Mac looks at Ty.

"Captain!" Mac shouted. Falicia is yanked out, but she falls beside Ty, she puts her arms around him helping him stand.

"Come on, stand." She said panicked. Ty leaned into her, his head hanging low. She gripped his arm around her neck, looking around. They push Mac towards the two. Jordan gritted his teeth. 'They have to leave me behind, they have to, if the prince doesn't get to a doctor, he'll only get worse and he can only hold out for so long in his condition.' Jordan thought.

"Kill them," Anthony ordered. Jordan's eyes widen, he struggled, but the three guards grabbed him, pushing him into the side of the wagon where they tied his hands together. Jordan cursed under his breath. "Fire!" Jordan looks outside.

"No!" As the arrows fired, they hit a wall, but two of them stopped and went flying back towards Jordan, striking two of the guards down. Jordan punched the other, kicking him down. He cut the bonds with a sword from a dead guard and grabbed their sword, jumping out as havoc started. Jordan ran towards Mac and them.

"Mac! Horse!" Jordan shouted. Mac nods, getting the prince on a horse and getting on one behind him, Falicia gets on a horse with Jordan, they four then gallop away while Anthony sighs.

"After them!"

"No, don't," Anthony said.

"Why not?!" Captain Adder asked as he looked at the royal, Anthony turned his horse around.

"Because that was Master Azdel and Brice protecting them and they will continue to protect them, it isn't worth the lives to even try."


"What happened back there? What happened with the arrows?!" Falicia asked. Jordan smiled.

"Obviously you aren't used to seeing magic," Jordan said. Falicia looked at Jordan confused, till she saw two other horses coming close to them, but they were like other horses, they didn't have armor on them at all, just saddles and reins. Mac's arm tightens around Ty, he's favoring one side, making him slip towards it and Mac panic. Mac looked at the horses. He smiles a bit but focuses back on Ty. They two horses go beside them, Jordan looks at one.

"You know I had that under control right, Seto?" Jordan asked. Seto chuckled, looking at him.

"Right! Sureee! Whatever makes you feel better!" Seto said. Master Seto Azdel, a master wizard, he is one of the best wizards in Etora. A master of arcane magic, Seto was actually once a member of the Magic Council but lost his seat due to the fact he barely ever showed up to the meetings at all. He has chocolate brown eyes with caramel brown that tends to hide his eyes from time to time and wearing a black wizard robe with dark purple mystic designs on it and dark brown boots. But what Jordan notices is the fact that he has metal braces around his wrists.

"What are those?" Jordan asked. Before Seto could answer, the other figured answered.

"Oh, those are his monitoring braces, yeah, the Council put them on him so they know what spells he is using twenty-four seven, like a bunch of stalkers." They said. Seto looked at them.

"Brice," Seto said. Jordan smiled a bit. Brice Solace, a human, but a human will an expert skill in the use of magic weaponry since he is best friends to Seto. They tend to stick together a lot, so Brice had to learn how to protect himself from magical creatures and other mages. He has blonde hair with blue eyes and a dark green cape with usually dark-colored clothing. Jordan looked ahead.

"So why did you need those--"

"Yeah, why Seto?" Brice asked. Seto looked at Jordan.

"I forgot about the hearing, but if I'm being honest here. I don't care about this whole investigation they started since I outright admitted it right to their faces." Seto said. Falicia looked at them.

"Wait, you're a wizard, can you heal the prince?" She asked. Seto looked over at Ty, shaking his head.

"No, I can't. I don't specialize in healing magic." He said. He looks at Jordan. "But we have another problem, it's Shivoa." Jordan looks at him.

"What? What's the problem?" He asked.

"King Izic has cut off the trade between Estron and Shivoa." He said making Jordan curse under his breath.

"I forgot about that!" Jordan said as the others were confused.

"What's the problem?" Falicia asked. Seto looked at her.

"Without that trade route, Shivoa might actually fall. They haven't been doing so good other there with the dark mages attacking and the winter being harsh to them. They can't grow their own food because of the temperatures right now and they lack the basic natural resources because of their location. They depended on Estron for that and now it is gone." Seto said. Jordan gripped the reins in his hands, feeling his anger boiling within him, only to calm himself.

"Avalon City shutting down their ports and trade doesn't help Shivoa either. Like Estron, Avalon helped keep Shivoa going until near the end of the war when they shut down their ports. We need to get to Shivoa and fast." Jordan said. Seto nodded, agreeing.

"Yeah, they really do and I don't think that King Mitchell knows about what happened to Estron yet. I doubt it, but we'll meet you guys at Shivoa." Seto said before they both left the four.

"How is he?" Falicia asked Mac out of sheer panic, her eyes haven't really left the prince. Mac looked at Ty.

"Unconscious, but his bleeding stopped, that's a good sign." He said making Jordan smile. Falicia looked at the general.

"You meant for the bleeding to stop, right? When you put the arrow in his shoulder?" She asked. Jordan shrugged his shoulders.

"To be honest, I didn't think it would, I was just grasping at straws. I wasn't about to let Prince Ty die like that." Jordan said. His eyes shifted over to Ty, seeing him passed out. "We need him more than ever right now."

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