Chapter 3 - Monster

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Paige's POV

We drove to Emilys house in silence. When we got inside we sat across from each other.

"So..." She said.

"Why cant I just hate you?" I asked shaking my head. I looked at my hands.

"Do you want to?" She replied.

"Sometimes yes. It'd be easier."

"Paige listen, I know that I hurt you..."

"Why do you always pick me up then put me back down?" I yelled glaring at her. My emotions came out quickly.

"Paige you dont understand!"

"No I get it Emily. I ratted out your precious Alison and you thought 'awh no not poor Ali! How dare Paige tell on her?' Well you know what Emily, I did it to protect you! I know you dont see Ali as a threat to anyone but she is! Not only to herself but everyone else. Shes a monster, and monsters take down everyone." I stood up shaking with anger.

"Paige I know this now, I swear I see it!"

"How could you do it Emily? How could you just drop me for her? You said you loved me." I cried.

"I do love you Paige! I just felt so betrayed, and I thought Ali had really changed, and I thought she was in such bad danger! I didnt choose her over you. I know it looks like it but-" she reached for my arm and I pushed her hand off.

"Dont. Not right now. I need to say things to you and I dont want you to distract me. It wasnt just the fact you left when I was simply trying to protect you, it was also the fact that months before you had been keeping it a secret that you knew she was alive. You knew that, and you didnt tell me. You've not told me everything....ever." I glared at her.

"Paige I'm ready to tell you everything. I'm ready to let you in. I was scared, but when I thought I'd lost you I just...nothings scarier than losing you!" She said frantically.

"When did you decide this? After you saw me at the coffee shop? After you saw I was trying to move on? Oh look! Paige is finally trying to be happy without me! Better go snatch her back up so I can hurt her again." I yelled.

"Thats not fair. I told you I wanted to talk to you this morning. Its not a spur of the moment thing. I want you back, and I need you. I fucked up, I get it and if you want to be with that girl then go! I'm not stopping you! I didnt stop you earlier and I wont now, but just know that I'm in love with you." She screamed and started crying harder.

"Emily, I dont want her, I want you...I just dont know how I can trust you again...I mean Ali is still here. Wether she stays or goes how do I know you're not going to run to her again?" I shook my head.

"I never left you for her I told you. I was confused, now I'm not. I see everything crystal clear. I'm in love with you, and whatever I had with Ali is done. Its over. One hundred percent done. I loved a version I made up of her, not her. You however I love." She placed her hands on my arms.

"Emily..." I sighed.

"Please just give me another chance. I know I messed up, but I want to work so hard to earn back your trust." She got on her knees and looked up at me.


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