Chapter 6-

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I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I grinned, stretching. The bed was empty beside me. I slipped out of bed, and took a towel with me into the shower.

Once I was finished, I changed into black jeans and a loose white top tucked into my jeans. I paired it with a pair of white vans and I threw my hair into a topknot. I did my makeup, which was foundation, blusher, mascara and eyeliner. I added a bit of lip balm too, and then I was finished.

I made my way downstairs and I heard chatter in the kitchen. Zoe was sitting at the table scrolling on her phone and Marcus was at the counter, piling pancakes onto a plate.

"Just in time!" Zoe said.

"Morning!" said Marcus as I walked over to him. He brought me in for a hug and pecked me on the cheek, blushing. I smiled at him.

Just as we sat down, Alfie came into the room looking exhausted. His hair was all over the place and unlike all of us, he was still in his pyjamas.

"At last!" Zoe said, kissing him and he sat next to her. He greeted us all sleepily.

"I don't usually get up this early," he said.

"Alfie, it's quarter to eleven," Marcus laughed.

"I know! It's so early!" he protested.

We all tucked into our pancakes, which were absolutely yummy, and then Zoe asked,"So what's the plan for today?"

"I don't know really. Why don't we just chill out, or we could go into town?"said Marcus.

"Let's go shopping!" Zoe and I said in unison. We burst out laughing as the boys groaned.

"Well, Marcus and I are going to go and look for some Penney Boards," Alfie said, looking at Marcus, who nodded.

"Guess it's just you and me Zoe," I said smiling.

We all got ready (and Alfie got dressed) and Zoe and I went in my car whereas Alfie and Marcus decided to walk.

I put the 5 second of summer album into the cd player and we sang all the way to the city centre. We parked and then walked into the shopping centre.

Two hours later, we had three shopping bags each and we were starting to get hungry.

"Nando's?" I suggested. Zoe nodded and we walked out of the shopping centre and to the car. We dumped all of our bags in there and then walked across the road to Nando's.

We sat down and had a look at the menus. Soon, the waiter came along and we ordered. He winked at me before he left and I frowned. "EW," I said and Zoe laughed.

He returned with our food an I avoided his gaze. We ate our meals and then paid. We walked out of the store and then I got a call from Marcus.

"Nims, please come quick. It's Alfie."

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