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~Camp Rules~

1. Do not be out past curfew, which is midnight. Any campers seen out of cabins after will face punishment.
2. Follow all orders given by a counselor or your culture leader, which will be assigned first day of camp.
3. There will be NO discrimination between the different gods and goddesses.
4. Do not go into the Lake or Forest without a spotter. Dark things lurk there campers, stay vigilant.

~Actual Rules~

1. No smut! I'm encouraging relationships, especially cross culture ones, but, anything beyond the occasional make out session, needs to be taken to PMs.
2. Respect each other. You're characters can hate each other but, no bullying outside of this please.
3. Please make drama! Have people get influenced by the dark forces around camp, let there be a war! I love to see what happens in that situation!
4. Be Patient with me and the others here. I'm sure you all live in different time zones so it's alot harder to Roleplay together but, if you see that someone is behind, update them.

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