Danny's P.O.V.

''Tony, if you don't stop I'm gonna have to fight back'' I stated in a now more asserting tone, as Katie's father still pinned me up against the wall.

''Oh really? C'mon then if you think your hard enough!'' Tony replied ''Right.....''.''STOP'' a voice shouted from behind Katie's dad.

Tony took a shock glimpse back at his horrified daughter. I was also shocked but once I realized who it was, my worry turned to relief. ''Katie!'' I stuttered.

Katie began to rush towards her father and pulled him off me with great force. ''What d'ya think your doing dad, get off him!'' she cried out ''You know him, I thought he was a weirdo'' Tony gasped ''No he's..he's my boyfriend, now get the hell off him your making yourself look like a physco''. Once I was released by Katie's dad I dusted myself off and straightened up then I had a little think to myself about what she just said..'boyfriend'. But before I could speak she had a little something else she wanted to say.

''Now you and you, get in the house'' she said pointing to her mum and dad, Then she turned to her next door neighbour ''Dorothy, get back in your house as well luv''. Also by now practically the whole street had come out to watch the show but she didn't leave them out either.

''And you lot, GET INSIDE YOUR HOUSES! Ya busy-bodies, shows over. Now haven't you got something better to do'' some began to look down at the ground ''Well have ya?'' she added by then they all dragged themselves back inside their homes.

Even though it was quite tense at the moment, at the same time it was quite funny to see Katie have a go at everybody but then she turned to me ''Right c'mon lets get inside and we can have a chat'' she stated pushing me in her parents house.

The slamming of the closed door began to echo through the house, which made her parents peer through their living room doorway as we stood in the hallway.

Katie took what seemed like a longed for deep breath. ''Ok mum, dad I'm gonna take Danny upstairs so we can talk now I would really appreciate it if you stayed down here and I'll explain the rest later'' they nodded and made their way into the kitchen.

When we were making our way upstairs, I heard them mumbling to one another. ''You idiot Tony, I knew he wasn't trying to sell us something or a Jehovah's witness''....''Uh uh D..Denise''......''Oh save it Tony''. I had a silent chuckle to myself.

When we reached Katie's bedroom, we both sat down on her bed and waited for the other to say something first. After about 10 seconds of Katie staring at the floor with a slightly reddened face, I started to raise my hand to place it on her back but before it could rest on there for a second she flung her whole body around and faced me head on.

''So why did you come here then?'' she asked ''I was scared that you had actually broke up with me and I love you I guess'' I said.

Katie gazed at me. ''I'm sorry Danny, I over reacted and blew this whole thing out of proportion. For the moment I completely ran with my emotions and forgot to think rationally and then when I realized I was wrong I felt too much pride to apologize. That news article was just something silly and embarrassing, I guess I was being a drama queen, which is usually Trixie's thing that's all'' she blurted out and giggled a little.

I was still slightly confused about the whole news article thing but the fact that she apologized and we weren't splitting up was good enough for me...well I take it we're not splitting up.

Katie's P.O.V

''If you didn't want to talk about something you should of just said, I would of understood. Its like the same with me and that song'' Danny assured me '' I know that now and really I knew that then but as I say I can be a plonker at times'' I muttered.

''Come here ye dope but there is something you got wrong'' he smirked ''What?'' I sniffled ''Your always an ejit..a.k.a 'plonker''' he chuckled. I nudged him a little with my head on his chest and also began to giggle. Then I popped my head up and uttered ''And for the record I love you too'' and with that I pushed my lips against his.

I parted ever so slightly from his face, smiled and then I grabbed Danny's face gently and started kissing him passionately again. I pushed against his lips deeper and deeper, until I guess he decided to do the same to me.

Now he was being the more dominant one and pushing against me now, as we kept in sync he didn't realize me moving my left leg flat on the bed. Then I decided to pursue this a little further and collapse the top half of my body on my bed, he falls suddenly on top of me to his surprise.

Our kissing stops but not our intimacy. With his face now resting on mine, I see a shocked expression on my lovers face so I just start to giggle and he joins me. After only a few seconds I lift my other leg onto the bed and position them at Danny's side, he notices this and lifts himself up a bit and begins to kiss and suck at my neck intensely.

It tickles so much that I wriggle about, moving my neck away playfully and then laugh suddenly but I cover my mouth, so not to make too much noise. Danny in turn squeezes me tight and looks at me with a great big smile on his face then his smile turns into a cheeky grin and the next thing I know he's pushing both his hands underneath my bum and tickling me with his fingers.

I wrap my legs around his waist tightly and the same with my arms around his neck. With his hands still holding onto my bum, he starts squeezing my butt-cheeks, His grin increases in size, as he looks down at me with such mischief. ''I've missed your plump bum, ye know'' he utters ''Really?'' I flirt back ''Yeah, I've had nothing to hold onto these past few nights'' chuckled Danny. Then that just set us both off and we were now laughing uncontrollably.

Then all of a sudden the door flung open and I see my awkward looking mum standing in the door-way with two cup of tea's in her hands. I push Danny off quickly but he pulls himself up at the same time. We then both sit up and stare at my mum embarrassed. ''I just thought you two might want a cup of tea'' said my mum. I smile at her and get up from my bed with hast. Once I take the tea's from her hands, I thank her and give one to Danny.

My mum leaves but the awkward silence stays with us for a bit. Then we both turn to look at each other, which at first seems like a romantic stare but then its made clear it really isn't, as we both burst out laughing again, this time louder and with red faces.

Sorry for the massive delay, I've been major busy with A-Levels etc...I am looking to update this fanfic soon though, once I've thought of some ideas on how to continue it :D Btw any ideas or input are more than welcomed Xx

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