20/Christmas Special!

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Before we begin I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone and I was really emo when I found that photo ^^^

Mark was the first to wake up. He was in his house and next to him was a body. He rubbed his eyes and slightly leaned over to see his beautiful boyfriend.

He smiled and blew on his nose lightly causing him to wake up. He pouted cutely and signaled he was now awake. "Morning sunshine" Mark kissed his pout away.

Donghyuck opened his now red eyes causing Mark to jump off the bed.

He started crying. But his tears were red "HELP ME!!" He reaches out towards Mark who had stood up from the floor now backing up towards the window.

"It hurts Mark" he Donghyuck kept walking towards him. "Not being able to see you" he made grabby hands towards his face and luckily got a hold on his cheek bones.

He kissed him sloppily as Mark cried into it. Donghyuck then pulled away "I'm sorry" and pushed him out the window. Mark screamed until he hit the floor harshly as he just laid there now paralyzed. Blood started out from his open mouth and eyes.

He too was now crying blood.

Mark woke up all sweaty. He took a deep breath and realized he was back. Back at this shitty old cabin. He looked down under his blankets and saw he was basically drenched with sweat. He looked to his side and saw no bloody Donghyuck.

"Thank god" he laid back down with a sigh. Donghyuck has now been missing for almost four months and it's been awful for Mark. Mina and Hoshi had been reported missing two days ago so they couldn't spend Christmas with them.

It was winter break and everyone got three weeks off. Everyone was happy and merry. Not Mark.

His parents were dead and even if they were alive they would just have to go and work. All of his relatives are in Canada. Plus his friends are most likely spending Christmas with their families leaving him alone.

He stood up from his bed and looked outside. Maybe he could go to the park? He opened the window and looked around. It was BEAUTIFUL. All of the flowers had disappeared but the feeling of home didn't.

Mark had choose to live in the cabin because he didn't want to be reminded of what had happened to his parents

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Mark had choose to live in the cabin because he didn't want to be reminded of what had happened to his parents. He had his own apartment but he wanted to sleep in the cabin so he would wake up with this scenery on Christmas.

Mina and Hoshi were missing causing the police station to go on alert. But they had found out that it was the mafia that had taken them. They decided that's how they're going in. By getting kidnapped. Ten was scared shitless but still cooperated.

They hadn't taken him yet but he could tell he's leaving soon.

Mark closed the window since it was starting to get chilly and went to the bathroom. He took a warm shower and dried himself off when he was done. Mark walked over to his closet with his robe around him and picked out some black sweatpants and T-shirt. He topped it off with a nude colored sweatshirt.

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