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Seconds, minutes, hours,

Days, weeks, months, years...

Years of sorrow and loneliness

Of darkness and emptiness

The light of innocence dangerously abates

Victim of acts of violence

And the anguish that threatens to extinguish once and for all

The last signs of peace and hope in humanity.

Hope vanished and abandoned me for years

I was found sternly wounded

At the gates of treasured memories

Captive in a body that I despise

And from which I can't escape

But, today? Today it came in abundance

It lifted me from the ground

And embraced me with loving arms

Whispering in my ears words of faith

Raising its powerful hand

Searching for the weak beat of my heart

With its calming touch

I was gifted with the courage to pursue my freedom

Hope didn't abandon me this time

This time, we'll embark on a new journey

And we will both have our new beginning

This time,

I'll see the light

From The Other Side.

My name is María Fernanda, and this is my story ...

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