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I'm writing this chapter in Christmas Eve! Probably I won't publish this in a few months, but I wish you had a very good Christmas!

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Sometimes you have to give people a taste of their own medicine.


P.O.V Harry Styles

"She really is a beautiful young lady, Harry." Rosana winked at me and I rolled my eyes. She was cooking my breakfast and time to time she would make comments relatable to Rose Elizabeth. "You know, your father's always saying that when he comes here. However, I never thought she was that pretty." she pointed upstairs with the stool she was holding in her hands. "I don't remember seeing anyone coming into this house who's as beautiful as her."

I can't say she's exaggerating, because all that's leaving her mouth is true, unfortunately. But Rose Elizabeth isn't all about beauty and perfection. If Rosana only knew what she did, she wouldn't be saying this.

"Yeah, she's pretty." I half shrugged, showing my disinterest on this subject. I'm already tired of having her here.

She frowned a little and turned to her cookings once again, seeming confused but ignoring it. "You are acting weird, Harry. Normally you would be all excited about a pretty girl who's close to you." she said, still with her back to me. I just kept reading the journal, not saying much. After a few minutes of silence she continued, "Besides, Mr. Styles told me that you and her were the closest when you both were young."

Still reading a new concerning the new USA president, I admitted, "We were."

"Then what happened?" she turned to me again and crossed her arms in front of her chest, waiting for an answer. If I she was someone else, she wouldn't be intact in the moment for asking me so many questions. I guess she's lucky I like her.

I half shrugged and turned the page of the journal. Fuck the new president. "She was and still is a brat, don't get affected by her." I warned Rosana and she widened her eyes. That's not exactly true but it's not completely wrong either.

"Oh." she raised her eyebrows, surprised. Why was she so surprised? Oh, yeah. Because fucking Elizabeth looks like an angel in everyone's eyes, when inside she's the devil.

"Harry, I need to go before Rose wakes up." My father's voice snapped me from my thoughts and I looked to my left to see him entering in the kitchen. "Good morning, Rosana." he smiled kindly to my housekeeper and she smiled back.

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