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The dinner went on in silence until her father stood up and retired to his room after saying good night to Aria. ***

After eating Aria left the hall and walk to her room. She lay down on the fluffy bed and thought about the celebration her fingers playing around with the small feather pendant that laid on her chest . it was the only thing that her mother had given to her ,then only thing that left a mothers touch .it was given to her on her 5th birthday by Nancy ,and from that day on she treasured it. Her thoughts slowly began to blur and she drifted off into a deep sleep .

She was awaken bt Nancy's shouts . " Aria !You're late !" Aria woke up and look at the clock on her table and groaned ,her head thumping. She sat up and called "nancy! can u get me some medication ? my head hurts ,and I'm not attending today ."

She laid back down on the bed after eating the medicine ,which had a awfully bitter taste. staring at her room's ceiling , its redwood color fading of a little ,she drifted back off into sleep.

She awoke few hours later ,her head feeling much better. She watched quietly as Nancy cleared her dresser top and shuffled from left to right,busy preparing ,she then left the room and returned with a parcel tied with a silky red ribbon that went around the white box and topped it of with a beautiful ribbon.

Aria sat up ," is that for me?" Nancy turned around in shock ,her hand on her chest although it lasted only a while , she then composed herself and replied " yes, this is your dress for the party tomorrow!" Aria said "let me see--"

"Wow ,who would have thought that the tomboy Aria would be interested in dresses and frilly things , I thought she was more to the swords and armor!"

Aria turned around smirking and sacarstically replied "My ...oh-so-graceful lady skyla what brings you to my humble abode ?" Skyla did a little courtesy and said " my fairest maiden didnt show up to school and left me all by myself." Aria laughed and said "my apologies,it appears that the fair maiden was not feeling that well."They both laughed and skyla then continued, dropping the act ,"hey !lets try your dress on !" before aria could reply,she pushed her behind the changing screen and started stripping her.

"okay !I got it, i'll change, just get out of here !" Aria said bashfully as she pushed Skyla away from the changing screen."ok hurry up! oh and after this lets have dinner ,im starving !"said skyla.


Eric caesia"

He stood on the edge ,breathing in deeply the smell of the fresh air.His chestnut brown hair swaying in the breeze ,his grey eyes gentle with a hint of reminiscent.

"The sky looks wonderful this evening doesn't it,Licht? I wonder if she's watching this sunset too.."Eric spoke as he Stroke Licht -His White stallion-.Licht nudged him with his muzzle as if trying to comfort him. The sky was painted in a scarlet red and eric slowly made his way down the hill.Licht followed slowly behind him as Eric walked the path,his brows had creased together,"One more day to the party ,i can't believe i fell for their trap.Im going to find a way to get out of this!" his hand clenched.

Just then he heard a familair voice calling out for him.He turned to licht who now had his ears alert,Eric then mounted onto his back and as quickly as possible , urged Licht into a canter and they rode , as silent as the wind into the woods away from the path.He heard the voices say "He's not here! Damn ,did i see wrong ?"Eric smiled as he rode further on.

They had rode for a while now and Eric slowed down ,walking along the side of a Lake .Its water glistened as the moon ,which had risen to shine it's illuminating ray upon the water.the Water it self was crystal clear and the fireflies danced around the forest and the water's surface just like fairies.Eric remembered that when he was young , he would call them Faries and made wishes together with his mother.Eric dismounted and he walked towards the crystalline waters.He sat at the corner of the huge lake and looked up at the moon which had risen up.Then something caught his eyes,It was something white,The figure stood across on the other side of the huge lake's bank and beside it ,he could barely make out a figure of a horse.Licht had also became wary of the new presence and was anxiously standing behing Eric ,grunting .Eric stood up slowly ,and just as he did,The figure had mounted the horse and rode away.

Eric mounted licht and slowly made their way back from the direction he came from.He was thinking about the white figure "Was that a women ?impossible,no female would travel the woods in this - "

"so i'm the first to find you ? and how is it that you are so deep in thought that you didnt even notice me coming up from behind you ?Hmm... not like you at all ."

Eric snapped out of his thoughts as he felt the cold and matallic object pressed against his back,and replied "haha very funny Kaylus ,Im not going to fall for your stupid tricks."Kaylus Laughed and said,"You're no fun Eric ,im pointing a sword at your back about to stab you and this is your reaction ?" Eric said turning around to face his best friend , "Im not a kid Kaylus,I know that is the tip of your favourite horse whip ,anyways a sword would be much more.. pointy. and you didn't need to come for me , i would have returned on my own." Kaylus smiled and said ,"Well,you see things are kind of in a mess back there ,and they needed you, but sadly they couldn't find you and turned to your's truly to find you."Eric groaned as he and Kaylus walked back.


[Aria Grey]

"that was close!"Aria said as she put Sky back into his stable. She thought to her self ,'why would someone be there at this time of the night?" she walked slowly back into her room ,shut the door and laid down on her bed.Her eye lids began to feel heavy and slowly she drifted off into sleep.

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