Calm The Fire: 135

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“Are you escaping so soon?” Beorn stopped and looked over his shoulder. His form towered above most who were present. It was for this reason that Náriel had no trouble with hunting him out. When he didn't answer she sighed. “I wish to thank you, Beorn.”

He rolled his eyes, “You do not need to.” He paused. “I was close by. If I had not helped you, yet helped Thorin, I am sure your uncle would have something to say about that.” He said simply while looking down at her. She barely measured up to his hips, she was that short when in front of him, she had to crane her neck up to look at him.

“Hm,” Náriel hummed. “I do not think my uncle could say or do anything towards you. Without fear or concern of the after effects.” He looked thoughtful over her words and slowly crouched down in front of her. Even then he still somehow managed to be taller than her.

“Farewell, little Princess.”

Náriel smiled, no one had ever called her 'little Princess' before, it made her smile. “Farewell, Beorn. Safe travels. We may see each other again. I am after all quite a regular at Mirkwood.” She joked, he gave the slightest of smiles before standing and turning. “You aren't going to speak to Thorin?” She suddenly asked stopping him. She surely thought that they'd exchange few words.

Beorn looked over his shoulder. “Already have.” He replied simply while exiting the hall. Náriel stood and watched him leave. At least he attended. If only for a little while.

Turning slowly she moved away from the door and swung her arms by her sides. “You look at a loss.” Looking up at Bard, she smiled.

“And you look concerned.” Náriel tilted her head to the side. “Children gone walkies?” She questioned with a smile. “They wouldn't have gone far. They're probably just running about in here somewhere.” Looking around she looked back to him. “Would you like help in trying to find them?”

“It's fine, honestly,” Bard said though his dark eyes still flicked up at the mass gathered. Looking back down he just looked at the simple expression Náriel was sending up at him. “Come on then,” he moved forwards. She shook her head and moved after him. She could tell he wasn't exactly going to be at ease until he had found his children, or at least knew where they were.

It didn't take long in fact, they were sitting at a table listening to something Dain was telling them. When it became apparent that he was telling war stories from battles gone by did Bard suddenly intervene and move his children away. He looked at Dain seriously and explained that he didn't wish for his children to know of such things. Dain after all was going rather into detail on some matters. Bain seemed really interested on the matter, even Tilda did, but Sigrid on the other hand was a little more reserved.

With aiding Bard out of the way Náriel turned and walked away. She stopped and reached up to tap the figure in front of her on the shoulder. Bilbo gave a start and turned to look at her. His eyes widened as he looked to her. Sure, he had seen her in a fine Elven dress before. But this time it was different.

“My friend, would you care to dance?” Náriel asked with a smile. Bilbo after all was just standing on the sidelines watching the partners twirling and gliding about.

“Oh well, you see...perhaps, not now...maybe later?” He answered rather awkwardly while wincing over how silly his whole sentence sounded.

Náriel laughed. “You're as bad as me! I more or less said something similar to Dis earlier.” She paused to nod. “Not much of a dancer, Bilbo? I bet you're a great dancer. You're light on your feet and really quite agile.” Náriel said while looking him up and down and giving a decisive nod. Bilbo just frowned lightly over words and looked at her strangely. “Come on,” she linked her arm with his and tugged him forwards. He let out a startled noise yet couldn't voice his sudden displeasure because he was suddenly fully pulled into the swing of dancing. They were perhaps the smallest pair dancing but it just made it easier for them to bypass certain pairs and continue on their way.

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