Tanner Academy- Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 


I sat on my chair with my forehead leaning against the window, trying to snuffle out the droning voice of our teacher. 

I wish Dez was here.  

Anyway, I studied the large fig trees and the graceful weeping willows that hung around a tiny stream. I imagined that it would have continued into some sort of lake not far from the school. I shivered just thinking about all that water.  

I was taking in the grassy slopes and colourful wildflowers when I spotted a figure in the distance. He was wearing a black trench coat and a hood shadowed his face, but even so I could tell what he was looking at. 

It was me. 

He was staring straight at me with silver eyes that glinted beneath his hood. I stiffened. I blinked. And then he was gone. 

I stared at the spot where the figure in black had been moments before, and then rubbed my eyes roughly with my hands. What the hell was that about? 

"Ms Cade!" 

I drifted back into reality and saw the rest of the class and the teacher looking at me expectantly. "What?" I snapped, feeling tired and confused. 

"Would you mind answering the question, Ms Cade?" The teacher asked a little impatiently.

"Actually, I do." I said and then tilted my head. "I think I might go get some fresh air." 

I left my books where they were and walked out of the classroom, ignoring the glare I got from the teacher. Jake snarled some sort of insult as I walked past and tried to trip me, but I easily dogged it.  

The doors shut behind me with a muffled 'thunk'.


I kicked the grass where the mysterious hooded man had stood. I turned around and saw the spot where I had been resting on the window-glass. I huffed out a breath and suddenly there was a voice coming from next to me. 

"What you looking for?" 

I jumped away and the air hissed around me, my eyes glowing dangerously. Ryan held up his hands. "Sorry! Sorry Cade, I'll be noisier next time." He said, smiling slightly at the end. 

I calmed and shook my head ruefully. "Shoot... I was ready to burn a hole between your eyes, you know!?" 

"Yeah, I noticed." He forced a laugh. "Anyway, what are you doing out here? Aren't you supposed to be in class?" 

I raised an eyebrow. "Aren't you?" 

He grinned and then sat on a low branch of a fig tree, crossing his legs like a kid. "Don't avoid my question." 

I shrugged and sat down next to him. "Teacher was getting on my nerves." 

He smirked. "Is that so?" 


We sat there in silence for awhile, just enjoying the quiet. A couple of dying leafs floated down to the ground, adding to the collection of rusting-orange. I picked one up and studied the skeleton structure before letting it twirl away. That's the funny thing about energy. Every living thing has it, but one day you have to give it all back. I suddenly wondered when that time would be for me. I couldn't remember the last time I had grown or aged, but that didn't mean much. It was hard to remember anything after... 


I looked up and suddenly noticed the uncomfortable etching sensation that was trailing down my cheek. 

I realised it was a tear. 

Something within me stirred and I felt a deep anger growing in my gut. 

I reached up and swipe away the abomination. 

"You ok?" Ryan asked carefully. 

My eyes were impenetrable and my expression emotionless. I smiled, but it was pained. "Perfect."


The day was done and students were released from their classes to face the scorching afternoon sun. Dez was annoyed that she didn't ditch with us and ignored us for a few moments, before bursting into a rant about how bad Tanner Academy's music program was. The three of us did a little homework under the shade of a tree and then wandered around the school ground aimlessly.  

We somehow ended up near the pool and Dez sighed longingly at the water. She battered her dark T-shirt. "It's so friggin hot!" 

Ryan nodded in agreement and I looked at them. "So? Just go for a swim." I said. 

They looked at each other awkwardly and scuffed at the ground. I raised an eyebrow in disbelief. "You're not going in because of me? That's-" 

"We just don't want you to feel left out or anything." Ryan interrupted quickly. 

In the corner of my eye I spotted Jake mutter something to his friends and point to me. They all snickered and I ignored them. "Bullshit. I wouldn't feel 'left out'. What do you take me for? You should have a swim if you want too." I reassured them and growled as some water-droplets flickered near me.  

They smiled gratefully and Dez rushed off towards the dorms for her bathing suit while Ryan just took off his shirt and jumped in. I glared at him as water splashed over the edges of the pool. I noticed mildly that Jake and his gang was nowhere to be seen. 

I dodged the water deftly but I suddenly felt a pair of hands push me roughly between my shoulder blades. I was taken by surprise so I stumbled on the edge of the pool, arms flailing slightly for balance.  

But I couldn't beat gravity, so inevitably I tripped into the pool.  

The icy-cool blue of the water rushed up to meet me.

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