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"hey,jimin.i- i'll be fine,right?i'll be okay?" the boy whimpered,curled up in his bed , bruises littering his skin as he sobbed.

jimin smiled softly,sitting at the edge of the boy's bed."yes,tae.you'll be fine, everything... will work out."

yoongi rolled his eyes,as seokjin sighed. namjoon chuckled dryly,taehyung's breathing stabling slowly.jungkook had a small pout on his lips,"i don't like that he hurts you, taehyungie."

hoseok sighed,"don't die,tae.you can do this,just one more year and you can run. you can leave him."

taehyung sniffled,the small room filled with seven people but even sometimes, he couldn't help but feel a bit lonely.

"i-i won't,right,kookie?i won't die?"

jungkook held in a sob."no,no you won't, tae.i won't let you."

for some reason,that got taehyung letting out wrecked,broken sobs as fat tears rolled down his flushed cheeks."r-r-really?are you s-sure?i-i will,won't i?oh my god,he's going to k-k-kill me."

as jimin,jungkook and seokjin tried to calm the boy down,the others only stared helplessly as taehyung screamed out his troubles to them.

suddenly,the door slammed open and it seemed everything went silent.

it wasn't like taehyung didn't notice,but he practically froze.ragged sobs erupted from taehyung,as the man glared at him.

"what the fuck are you screaming and crying to yourself about?!"the man yelled, and taehyung visibly flinched.

"d-dad,i'm sorry,i-i was just t-talking to my fri-friends."

the man frowned,"hey,kid,you gone fuckin' mad?"

taehyung looked at him with tears in his eyes,"i-i'm sorry."

his father looked at him with,what,guilt? remorse,or even regret?he couldn't understand it.taehyung felt a bit of his heart crack when he heard what his father said next.

"what friends,taehyung?"

desperate,he started crying."m-my friends! jungkook,hoseok,namjoon,seokjin,yoongi and j-jimin!they were all--..."taehyung turned and froze."w-what..?they were just.. they promised they wouldn't l-leave me ever!they..they did."

his father growled as he fished his phone out with a smug look on his face,finally he could have the place all to himself.

"there's no one here,taehyung."


this oneshot shows many things i've just experienced lol.

1:people won't always be there,they disappear on you,even friends.

2:you can't trust anyone.

3:life is cruel.

and this was bad lol

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