She didn't return home until the next morning, having spent the night sleeping in her wolf form. She slipped into her room via her window and stripped then showered. Once dressed, Jadyn headed downstairs after locking her bedroom door behind her hearing many raised voices. She peeks her head into the living room, counted the number of people who were in the house and knowing who they were before moving to the kitchen.

"Did you see what the Beta's mother was wearing?" Her mother asked her husband and the others stopped talking to listen to what she had to stay. "I swear that she buys all of her stuff from France, that dress was barely there. She should learn that she has to have some modesty being in a position that she's in."

"Dear, that wasn't the Beta's mate, that was his daughter. Now, she's one loose girl..." He says and his voice fades the further she gets away from the room as she reaches the kitchen. Since what they were talking about wasn't about her being found gone the night before, she grabbed something to eat.

She sat at the table drinking her juice, when more females of the other pack showed up as they were taking all of Kate's belongings and moving them out. Kate and Dyson had already packed essentials they took with them since they are going on a short honeymoon of sorts, or so she heard.

She was staring off, her and her wolf talking when someone shoved her shoulder. She huffed and looked before asking, "What now?"

Her dad grunts and says, "You're wanted at the pack house."

She stands and asked, "Why?"

He huffed and said, "Just go." She walked off and headed out the back door, bypassing the people inside.


It didn't take long to get there as they lived close by. She headed in through the back door and slipped up the back stairs. She knocked on the office door and was yanked in when next Alpha Glen grabbed her by the arm, pulling her inside. Alpha Sam yelled in her face and said, "The mind link is blocked again, why?" She blinked and frowned before sighing deeply and opening the link to the pack and heard him ask, "Where the hell did you disappear to last night? Everyone is angry that you took off."

She lowered her head and said, "Sorry, I don't know why it was blocked. I left right after the photos as soon as I could because Kate was screaming in my head. She was over the wall angry and pissed that I was there at all. I guess Kate's yelling caused my wolf to block everyone out, I apologize Alpha Sam."

He grunted and said, "That is not what we heard from Kate last night."

Jadyn looked up and asked, "What? No Alpha Sam, that is what happened. Kate was snarling at me in my head, glaring for reasons unknown to me, and was over the wall angry and pissed at me."

He grunted and asked, "So who were you with?"

Jadyn stepped back and bumped into next Alpha Glen and said, "I was alone Alpha. What's going on, what am I being accused of now?"

Alpha Sam looked at Alpha Boris who said, "You were seen sleeping with my son Evan. He took off too and we couldn't mind link him either."

She shook her head, sighed deeply and said, "I was all alone. I took off, shifted and ran." She looked off and said, "I crossed the border and kept on going, ending up in the mountains. I found a cave that I crawled into and slept there in my wolf form. At no time did I see anyone. When I woke, I ran back home, it was just light out and again no one was around."

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