But I must let you go

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Even as my heart screams,
Banging and brusing my inner soul.
There is nothing more,
But love that I see,
But still there is nothing real to be.

And no matter how much I say,
I love you.
I can see it through,
Even if you say it in return.
It won't follow through.

My love never died,
Turns out yours did.
And that it has been long,
Since it did exist.

But love,
I swear thee this,
Now with the knots that kill me.

I had been thinking of thee,
Everyday with the same affection as before,
And instead of dying,
It had grown.
Into love evermore.

But now that thee is standing there,
I can see,
That you were never meant for me.

The gods have strung this cruel fate,
A love story so beautifully woven,
That it didn't truly exist.

But I had wondered my love,
And my wonder was right before.
As I asked he,
Does she need me?

And I say,
I was right,
She doesn't need me.

And I believe as you stand there,
With that empty stare.

I am sure,
I must let you go.

My dream,
Shall remain in my thoughts,
But soon I'll let it disappear.

But for now my love,
Let me meet you one last time,
It truly being our first.

But let me meet you one last time,
Before I cut the knot.

And it's okay now,
Don't feel sad,
And don't you dare stay for pity.
But give me a smile,
And I'll be glad,
To move on to my lonely path.


The Dead Revolutionary

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