The True Story of Why Vampires And Werewolves Hate Each Other

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      It is common sense to know that vampires and werewolves don’t like each other very much. Most people really don’t know why though, but I do and against the laws I am bound to, I shall tell you why. I should warn you right now there will be a lot of things in this story that people tend to be scared of. Including: werewolves, vampires, blood, war, heights, spiders, various weapons, and last but not least love.

     I should really introduce myself, my name I can’t tell you, but people tend to call me Beast. I have been here since the beginning and I am one of the highest in vampire society. Yes, I know what you’re thinking; a vampire telling this story it will be biased! I promise that I will not lie though, this story is the truth and nothing but the truth (with a bit of prejudice). You can trust me; I tend not to break promises.

    It all started a long time ago, and by long I mean about 850 years ago in the year 1164. There was a small colony of vampires and a small colony of werewolves on a mountain and the population was growing quickly, but that wasn’t the problem. The vampires were all on the right side of the mountain and had a surprisingly controlled environment. Meanwhile the werewolves were on the left side and unlike the vampire’s colony, they were wild and rambunctious. The middle and peak of the mountain were completely untouched by either of the colonies. Until one day when the werewolves ran out of food.

    As you probably know, werewolves are carnivores, and vampires drink blood. A little thing about vampires though, they tended to drink animal blood, animals that came from their side of the mountain. As the werewolves were running out of food, the vampires were running out of blood, and that’s how this all started. It was a warm sunny day in April and one of those stupid, flea-ridden fur balls decided to go to the middle of the mountain and hunt there. Just so happens that at the same time a smart, sophisticated vampire was too crossing over onto the top of the mountain. The two saw each other and then they were on their happy way. The leaders of the two colonies met and divided the top into two parts for the colonies, but once they both ran out of food after that there was trouble.

     The two leaders soon clashed and clanged over who would get the small amount that was left on the mountain. The leader of the werewolves had a daughter and the leader of the vampires had a son. You can kind of see where this is going. The daughter was named Kaila and the son was named Gilus. Kaila and Gilus loved each other so much they would sneak onto the peak of the mountain every night just to see each other and passionately kiss.

    One day they met as usual then something rare happened. A rabbit passed by. Of course the two wanted the rabbit for their side and they soon got into a huge argument about it. Kaila then attacked Gilus and blinded him in the left eye. Gilus then went home and told his father, Milus leader of the vampire colony, about the vicious attack.  Meanwhile, Kaila went to her father, Bathard leader of the werewolf pack, about her triumphant hunt and battle.

   The next day Milus and Bathard met in the center of the mountain with Kaila and Gilus by their sides. Gilus now adorned with a bright green metallic eye patch over his left eye. Gilus and Kaila exchanged two different glances one vengeful and one loving. Kaila didn’t want to admit it, but she still loved Gilus and Gilus still loved her. Just a short moment after seeing each other Bathard and Milus began to negotiate a solution to their problem. The vampires and werewolves were both dying off quickly and both needed food.

      While Milus and Bathard were arguing and negotiating Gilus and Kaila snuck off to their normal spot hidden in the trees. Once they got there Kaila took Gilus’ eye patch off and kissed his eye. She apologized for what she did and explained that she got the rabbit for the men of the pack who were quickly dying off. Gilus then explained that he was trying to get the rabbit for the women of his clan, who were also dying off.

     Then they saw a whole entire family of rabbits and things got bad. Kaila wanted them all for the Werewolves and Gilus wanted them all for the Vampires. The two began fighting again and Kaila ended up winning once again. Meanwhile Bathard and Milus were fighting as well, fighting over who would have total control of the mountain. The next day the werewolves attacked the vampire colony and completely ran them off the mountain.

   Every single vampire was now living in a small valley off the side of the mountain watching as their enemies destroyed all of the little remains of vampire society off of their newly claimed mountain.

   Ten years passed before the vampires decided to fight back. The werewolf colony had at least tripled in size. Out of the thousands of vampires that were once home to the mountain, there were only about one hundred left. They were all wiped out by starvation or beaten by werewolves. Gilus was now the leader of the clan and had a wife named Xewes (Zew-es), a daughter named Zoukles (Zewk-lees), a son named Kai, and another son named Galius.

    While the rest of Gilus’ children wanted to stay as far away from the mountain as possible Galius was always treading near its dangerous slope and the stupid fur-balls that surrounded it. Xewes was always trying to keep her son from going near it as he was only seven years old, but there was no way to keep him away.

   One strange day a familiar figure came from off of the mountain. It was Bathard and Kaila came down to visit their dear old friend Gilus. Xewes made sure her children were nowhere to be seen when the two arrived. When Bathard and Kaila came to the small colony in the valley Gilus was the first to greet him, little did he know a little bit of demon poison in Bathard’s hand would soon make him very ill, and he wasn’t the only one. Once he was greeted the poison was already doing its job. Galius was watching from the shadows, and as he watched he saw his father fall and scream in demonizing agony.

   Galius leaped from the shadow and struck Bathard in the head with a silver tipped stick. At only seven Galius had killed his first Werewolf. Kaila then tried to strike the boy, but in a matter of minutes he had killed her too. Galius then ran to his father and attempted to help him up, but it was too late and Gilus looked at his son and with the last bits of energy he had Gilus said, “Son, I’m proud of you. Make them pay for what they have done.” Gilus then died in his son’s arms.

    Several years passed and Galius was now sixteen. He had spent years tormenting and teasing the werewolves and strengthening the vampire’s army.  Galius had brought the population from 100 to 1,500 just by finding new ways to hunt. Like feeding from werewolves and stealing their food. Galius had grown into a strong young man, fueled by death and sorrow. His entire family was murdered by werewolves and he killed every werewolf that even dared to come near him or his clan. Galius was now the leader of the clan and loved his job. he had hated the werewolves for so long and now he had a plan.

    This plan was known as the plan of the strong. The plan was to chase the werewolves off of the mountain like the werewolves had done to the vampires. They went through the plan and were successful. There was a battle to prove it too. It was known as the battle of the unstable because many werewolves and vampires went insane fighting.

    Galius went down in history for being one of the strongest leaders ever in vampire history. He went on to live a long, happy life on the mountain. Now you understand why we hate each other so much. I hope you enjoyed this illegal snippet of vampire history. Hope this helped you, goodbye.

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