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Palm trees swayed gently in the breeze in the warm tropical sunshine. Taehyung decided to take himself to his grandmother's house in Daegu. Besides haven't seen his grandmother for long time, he wants to free himself from his parents and miserable life in Seoul. He took a deep breath and walked towards his grandmother's house.

"Oh! Kim Taehyung!" a pale skin guy with a gummy smile waved from the other side.

Taehyung letting out a light smile and waved back.

"Woah~ It's been a long time. How in Seoul? Better life?" the guy spoke again. Taehyung lower his head and sighed. He desperately wanted to tell him all his problems but he didn't want to show his weak side at the same time. He turned his gaze back to the guy.

"It's...great, Yoongi hyung." he lied. "I got to see so many high building and kind people there. My parents also took a good care of me." he lied again and tried to fake a smile even though he felt like someone has stabbed his heart. "How about you, hyung?"

"Well, I'm just being my old self, helping my parents at farm and do lot of stuffs."

Taehyung nodded, "Lucky." he whispered to himself.

"So..where are you going?" Yoongi crossed his arms on his chest.

"To my grandmother's house."

Yoongi remained silence for few seconds with guilty on his face, he just looked down to the ground and Taehyung noticed that.

"What's wrong, hyung?" Taehyung began to ask him since he felt something wrong about Yoongi.

Yoongi sighed heavily. "Your grandmother..well...don't you know..she's in hospital right now?"

Taehyung's jaw dropped and his eyes started teary. "S-since when?" he looked at the other guy sharply as it can penetrate into Yoongi's eyes.

"Few weeks after you and your parents moved to Seoul. The villagers including my own parents have been calling your parents to inform this but your parents kept declined it. Maybe they're busy."

"Busy, my ass". He clinched his fist and ready to punch his parents' face, gladly they're not here. No wonder they never let him use mobile phones. They were trying to block him from having a contact with his relations, including his grandmother.

"T-thank you for informing me, hyung but can you show me where's the hospital? I bet my grandmother needs me right now."

Yoongi nodded and patted the other man's back. "Sure."


The smells of medicines entered Taehyung's nostrils. He walked faster than he can through his way to the room mentioned, Room 3012, where his grandmother lied down on the bed peacefully.

"Room 3009...3010....3011..." his eyes scanned through all the numbers written on the door until he found the room. "There it is."

Taehyung twisted the door knob and sighed heavily. He looked around the room and saw a weak figure sleeping on the bed, "Halmeoni...."

He moved to the side of the bed and caressing the old woman's hair. Tears rolling through his puff cheeks and tried to hold it back to not wake her up but he failed. He's sobbing hard and kissing the back of his grandmother's hand severally.

"Who....are you young man?" the soft and weak voices approached him but he still can hear the words clearly.

He wiped the tears quickly and faked a smile, again.

"It's Taehyung...Kim Taehyung. Your beloved grandson, Halmeoni." he caressed her hair.

"Taehyungie?" she started tearing as she heard those name. "My grandson....Aigoo I miss you so much Taehyungie~"

He failed again as he sobbing harder than before. He couldn't describe how much he miss his grandmother. Now that he got to see his grandmother again, he started to miss her more.

"I'm..sorry b-because I'm not t-there when you're s-sick." his voice trembled as he couldn't hold his tears back.

"No, Taehyungie. I'm okay here and feeling better. Don't you worry, okay."

Taehyung knew his grandmother was lying just by seeing his condition. He already asked the doctor before he could take himself all along here. The doctor regretfully said his grandmother don't have much time anymore. She could only spend her life for few weeks more. And right after that, she might exhales the last breath of hers or in other words, died.

"Where's your parents?" he lowered his head as he heard those word. 'Parents.' He hope those word does not existed.

"They..are in Seoul, Halmeoni." he said weakly.

"Are they treating you the same?" she asked again but now in serious tone.

Taehyung nodded and his eyes started teary again.

"Poor my grandson..come here, let me hug you, my handsome grandson."

He stood up from the chair and buried his head on his grandmother's chest. He could felt the warm touch of his grandmother through his head and hands. The touch that he never felt from his parents even once. Only his grandmother could gave him. He closed his eyes for moments and tears dropping heavily.

"I hope I can hug you again until I died, Halmeoni." he said.

"Of course you can, my grandson. Don't cry again. My heart will ache worse if I see you sad the whole time. I'm sorry, Taehyungie. Because of me you got the worst parents in this world. It must be suffering."

Taehyung tighten their hug, not wanting to let his grandmother go.

"No...Halmeoni. It's not your fault."

He closed his eyes again until he fall asleep next to his beloved grandmother.

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