Truth or Dare (DeidaraxReader)

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Modern AU
Deidara x reader

"Truth or Dare Deidara?"

The two adults, Deidara and Sasori, stop arguing about art. They both look at Y/N like she's grown a third head. "Why, un?" Deidara crosses his arms over his chest.

"You guys have had the same stupid freaking argument since we stepped foot in the mall and in all seriousness, it's hella annoying. So truth or dare?"

"Fine, un. Dare I guess."

Looking around she spots Hot Topic and grins. "I dare you to walk into Hot Topic and pick up a bra and go to the cashier to ask if he or she thinks the bra will fit you~"

"Um...okay? You're joking right?" Deidara stares me down. "Wait you're serious?"

"You bet your sweet ass I am. Now go." Y/N pushes her blonde friend towards Hot Topic.

Deidara looks around uncomfortably. Seeing a rack with few bras he awkwardly scurries towards them. Looking at the prices he picks up a random Batman styled bra. After he nods to himself he shuffles up to the cashier. Trying to keep a poker face and manage his embarrassment Deidara clears his throught. "Excuse me, un. But do you think this will fit me?"

The cashier, who happens to be a guy, stares blankly at Deidara. Then turns his eyes towards a (h/c) haired girl laughing her ass off using a red-haired male as support. "Yeah. What will you pay with sir?"

Taking out cash Deidara pays for the slightly, ever so slightly, expensive bra.

The cashier bags the bra and hands it back to Deidara. "Have a nice night sir."

"Holy shit! Bwhahahaha!" Y/N slyly laughs. "You got a Batman bra?"

Sasori shakes his head. "Stupid brat actually did it." In shame, he walks away muttering.

Deidara and Y/N watch in silence as the eternal loving artist walks away. Deidara coughs gaining Y/N's attention. "Here, un."

Y/N takes the bag and says, " You got the right size..."

"Babe, un. I've taken your bra off plenty of times, yeah." Deidara smirks as his girlfriend's face flushes bright red. Pulling her hands off her face Deidara smirks and pulls her face towards his in a sweet kiss. Knowing that she isn't the biggest fan of intimate PDA he quickly pulled away. "Love ya."

"Guess you'll be taking this one off too~"

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