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Hey guys! This is part two of Taint, I suggest you read the first part, if you don't it's okay too just you might be lost

Eyyy but thanks for 50 reads, I was thinking that no one would read this pile of junk but yeah, thanks

"It's okay," Soori rubbed your back as you sulked while staring at the wall of your heavily decorated apartment.

It's been two months after that whole ordeal with your ex-boyfriend Jaehyun. You weren't taking it well as you can see. He was the love of your life and you thought that you would be together forever. But of course, that was too naive of you.

You didn't want to spend your entire Christmas hung up on some guy though. You still wanted to enjoy your Christmas but you still loved Jaehyun and wanted to spend it with him.

Yep, after all those women he's cheated with you still loved him, with all your heart actually. You knew he didn't mean it by the way he looked at you that day, but you couldn't find the courage to speak to him in person.

Apart of you hated him with a burning passion. After all the love you gave him he still had the audacity to go and cheat.

But a gigantic part loved him so much. You didn't want to leave him because you loved him but hated him at the same time.

"Soori, what am I going to do now? I can't go anywhere, we see him practically everywhere," you groaned. You recently got back from a coffee shop after fleeing from Jaehyun, who mystically appeared up at the table you both used to sit at. He didn't see you though, which was good.

Last week something similar happened. You were going out Christmas shopping(for yourself, of course) and ran into him in at Hot Topic, the store where he would always buy things for you. You both stood there just staring at each other, you were frozen since he grabbed for the same shirt you were reaching for.

The cliche part is this is how the two of you met. After he let you buy the shirt and you guys walked around the mall together and exchanged numbers. The next week of the two of you hanging out and talking together he asked you on a date. After that the ,two of you started dating.

After all those time the two of you hung out you began to fall deeply in love with him and so did he. He only started to go to clubs when his friends began to go. Every time he got wasted on alcohol and every time a new girl ending up in his bed.

He was drunk the day you caught him as well and you could smell the liquor on his breath. You saw how he wobbled down those stairs when he followed you to your car.

The dumb thing is that his friends knew about you since he did talk about you almost every second of every day, but they still took him out not knowing that he would cheat on you with so many women. They didn't even know he cheated on you, only his really close friend Mark knew.

"I think it's time you talk to him," that small sentence made your head snap to Soori's face. Why would she say it's time to talk when she's the one who told you he's bad for you?

"Why would I do that," you looked at her confused. "didn't you say he was bad for me?"

"Well...forget that. That was then, this is now. You're going to end talking to him sooner or later so how about you do it now?" She smiled awkwardly at you. You thought about it for a second.

"I guess you're right, should I get ready—" you were about to ask a question but Soori stopped you.

"Oh no! What you need to do is get trashy." She implied but you didn't understand what she was talking about. Get trashy? What is that?

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