Chapter 11

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Harriet p.o.v.

"But those rumors are true," I said as I placed my book on my lap. The twins looked at me. "Really?" George asked. "Yes, I noticed it once I was turned. the two of you will know what I mean with that." I said. 

~4 days after arival~

It's have been 4 days since we've returned to Hogwarts and I noticed that the twins didn't like it. We can't be together as much as we want and it frustates them. Potion class ended and I went towards the door when Zabini aproached me. "Hey Harriet, can I talk to you for a second?" He asked. "Sure," I answered. Not knowing what he wanted. I walked out of the classroom and he followed. "are the rumours true?" He asked. "Which ones?" I asked in return. "You being a vampire," He said. "And why do you want to know?" I asked him. "Well, I was qurious, did you already find your mate?" Blaise asked. "Yes, she did." I heard a voice from behind answer. "And since we are her mates we don't apprieciate that you try to steal her, since that is the only thing elfes are good for," George growled. "Easy now, Who says she even wants the two of you to be her mates-" Blaise said. "Oh shut up Blaise," Fred cut him short. "You leave her alone or we're gonna have you as dinner and believe me it will be very unpleasent," George growled. I was now standing behind the two of them. I smiled at the fact that they were so protective. "Fine, but Harriet remember you can always come to me," Blaise said. I decided it would be beter if I scared him a bit so I gave him a devilish smile and made my eyes go red and he ran away. 

Fred turned around and laughed when he saw it. "Nice, I have to admit you will always be more terifying then us," George said. "Always, anyways how about we go to the forest? I'm tired of all the stares we get," I suggested. "Anything you want sweetheart," Fred said. I smiled at the comment and walk through the hall. "I hope Blaise doesn't show his face again," George said. "I would like to though. I enjoy scaring the hell out of him," I said. Fred and George started to laugh at the comment as we continued to walk. 

"What's so funny?" Someone says from behind. I turn around and see Pansy. "I don't know why don't you tell us?" I said. "Well I think it's funny that you can't decide which one you like, I mean two at the same time? It's rediculous," She said. "You know what is even more rediculous? That you're after someone who obviously isn't your mate. I mean, you should have realised that for a while now," I say in response. Pansy's face became red. "Oh? did I hit the nail right on the head? I mean I have a few guesses who Malfoys mate is but it's obviously not you. It's pefetic that you're hanging all over him and he is destracted by someone else," I said as I gave a small chuckle. Pansy became even redder and tried to slap me. Tried. I blocked her hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her close. "If you try something like this again I will have you as dinner and believe me it will be very, very unpleasent and probably your last time seeing anyone. because I'll curve your eyes out, just for fun," I whisper in her ear as I tighten my grip on her wrist. I let her go and she ran away as fast as she could. "I've had enough of today forget the forest let's go to our room," I said. Not wanting to run into another Slytherin.

 Luckly almost every Slytherins has or seen my encounter with Blaise or with Pansy and avoided me like I had a plage. once inside I sit on our sofa in our mini common room. It has the size of a cosy living room. "You okay?" George asked. "They are all so annoying, I hoped things would change now the war is over but they don't. I can't stand it," I answer. "Well some people never change, but some do, for exaple Malfoy has changed, Snape has changed, Damn even the paparazi are willing to get out of their way to give you some rest. Believe us Harriet when we tell you that it doesn't matter because all the people  who changed and see how amazing you are they out weight the ones who don't," Fred and George said. "Why are you guys always right when it comes to these kind of things?" I murmer. They chuckled a little and putted each a arm over my shoulders. 

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