its a cautionary tale, based on true event, where ppl dIE NO ONE DIED MERRY XMAS

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Merry Christmas everybody!!

This is gangbang....

Enjoy your gifts

John Laurens x everyone

And yes, they all are dating.



John whimpered from where he was.

He was on George Washington knee, bended over like a child, gaged.

He look around himself.

Lafayette, Thomas, Alexander, Burr, Madison, Lee and Hercules looked at him lustfull, wanting bite of his flesh.

"Now John...I heard you had been naughty this year, hm?" George asked, putting his hand posessively  on his ass.

John jamped when he felt contact, inhaled sharply.

"I...please..." He cried out.

"Please what? Will you answer my goddamn question-" George spanked his ass hard "-Or will you whine as slut as you are?"

John felt his eyes burning and teared up, he sniffled.

He heard someone snickered.

Then he heard footsteps, stopping right infront of his head.

He yelped when hi hair was fistfull grabbed, made him look up.


"Pathetic little cunt. You just want your hole to be ruined dont you??? Mmmm I know what kind of slut you are John." Lee snarled, pushed John head ti suck his dick.

"Ahh fuck!" Lee moaned out, as John sucked, licked everything.

George smiled at his approval, then teasingly rubbed his ass cheek where he slapped before.

All what in room was heard was John's moans, Lee's grunts and slick sounds of dick being sucked.

At the other end, Alex and other boys were watching scene very lustfully.

They were so hard and they began to lick their lips, patiently waiting for George to give em order.

Soon, George give signal to Alexander, which he obediently did.

When he came, George spread John's cheeks.

"Rim him, Alex. I want him good for us." He ordered, his voice lustfull.

Alexander smirked and went on knees and stuck his tongue right into John's hole.

John practically howled from wet feeling, getting slurped, licked, licked his insides, his walls.

John was crying but then Lee started to thrust into John mouth like no tommorow.

John gagged, his eyes in tears but yet he let himself being used.

Being used like a fuck toy and he loved it.

In meanwhile, Thomas put James down on his dick as Hercules did same to Lafayette.

"A-ahh Herc..." Laf mewled.

Lafayette and James were turned to same direction, facing each other.

Laf bit his lip nervously as Thomas bring James closer untill their cocks were touched.

And then, both other men began to fuck their lovers.

Laf was spreaded, Herc at his ears telling him dirtiest secrets ever while Thomas was pounding James, kissing and licking his neck.

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