Forgiving and Forgetting

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He pulls me back, hugging me forcefully. I let out a guttural cry, which resonates around the room. I sink to the floor, and Aniket picks me up in his arms, hugging my head to his chest.

I pound my fists on his chest, willing him to let me go. Let me leave.

Tears pour like rain down my heart-shaped face, as we stay in the position for a long time.

"We're going to be parents." Aniket says, shocked. "We're going to be parents and I acted like that with you."

"Stop the act," I say pushing him away from myself and my vulnerable heart, working against me to forgive him. "My child is not going to have a father like you."

"Ours! Our child," he corrects me.

"My child," I growl. "You have no right to claim this child as yours when you were trying to force me to—

"I'm sorry. I wouldn't have hurt you if I knew you were pregnant!" He yells in his defense.

"Oh so, it's okay to hurt me if I'm not? What am I to you? Just a surrogate, right?" I try to make him angry enough to let me go. I didn't want to stay with him.
It left me wondering if I really loved him.

"I'm sorry. It doesn't matter to me whether you're pregnant or not. I want you to stay with me. Please. I can't live without you." He begs, my head sandwiched between his hands. I take hold of his hands and pry them away from my face.

I wanted to forgive him.

I took the reigns of my heart, and clutched onto it like it was lifeline; I have to be stubborn. I have to leave him, or else, he will never learn his lesson.

I turn around, one hand grabbing hold of the luggage and the other turning the doorknob.

"Please. Please, don't leave me. Stay." Aniket is tearing up and sinking to the floor, but I show no forgiveness. He clutched onto my legs but I shake him off of me and I leave him broken.

He shatters to the ground. I can hear glass breaking as I close the door. A few minutes later, I'm in the front of the hotel, looking for a taxi.

I lay an arm across my stomach and look into the night fearfully.


I don't go back to my parents' house. I can't go to my in-laws house either. They will force me to forgive Aniket.

I go to the hospital instead, and I stay clear of Alisha. When the security guard refuses to let me in, I fire the old man without any remorse.

The man cries, claiming that he did not know I was the owner. I sigh.

"Just let me in, and you can keep your job." I say. The mans' eyes widen and he nods furiously, letting the door open. I slip in and sit in my office the rest of the day. The next day, I shower in the locker room and eat in the cafeteria. This is my new home.

I go to the little boy. He's sleeping peacefully, his working mother nowhere to be seen. I ruffle the little boys' hair and sit with him, just wondering how my child will be like.

Will the child have chocolate brown eyes? Or dark brown like mine? Will I have a girl or a boy? Would Aniket like a boy? He wanted a heir after all. I decide that I'd rather have a girl, than a boy as per Anikets' wishes.

"Are you going to be stuck here all day?" The boy's mother asks, ruffling the little boy's hair as she sits beside him.

"I have nothing else to do. There are too many doctors in this place." I say, not taking my eyes off the boy. "Are you scared?" I ask her, changing the subject.

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