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OK PEOPLE...IM WRITING IN ALL CAPS FOR SOME REASON. BUT, PLEASE NO DARES OR TRUTHS! THIS IS GOING TO BE A SHORT CHAPTER! THANKS EVERYONE! PS: How do you screenshot the dares and truths? I have no idea...                                                                                            ~~~                                                                                                                                                                                              Baha: Hi everyone! *waves* We have a new guest: LANZE THE CAT! 

Lanze: Hello everyone! 

Sapphire: SHADOW, I GONNA KILL YOU! *chases Shadow* 

Shadow: SHEESH! CALM DOWN! YOU KNOW I WAS JOKING! *skating as fast as he can* 

Samara: Shadow....what did you do?

Shadow: I just insulted her....*grunts* 


Samara: *sighs* SHADOW. Apologize. 

Shadow: No. 

Samara: *whispers* You aren't getting any kisses from me anytime soon...

Shadow: *perks up* Sorry, Sapphire...

Sapphire: hmmmmm.....*glares at him* 

Shadow: HMPH. 

Samara: *kisses his cheek* 

Everyone: *just staring at them* 

Jana: Anyway...let's start! 

Danielle: I wonder what we'll do....

Espio: *nods* 

Cream; First list is from....JadeRose2006!

Her List: 

I dare Amy to be so cute in 5 chapters she has to make everyone AWWW 

Sonic what can you say a bit ships ships that is not Sonamy?

I dare Sonic to make Amy cry or scared sorry Amy I really love you but I just want to try

I dare Sonic to beat up all the pervs especially scourge. Beat Shadow also and say that he is a big fat faker he can't do anything

I dare everyone to buy shadow a new guns

Baha I dare you to beat someone you don't like

Amy: Most of the dares are for me...T^T

Alex: Welp...that means your loved! 

Amy: Ok! 

Sparks: What do you mean by cute?

Amy: Um, that's more of Cream and Sonic's thing...I can show you a childhood photo! 

Baha: Oooh! Lemme see! 

Sonic: I'm first! 

Everyone: *trying to see* 

Amy: Lemme get it! ...

Everyone: ....

Amy: I GOT IT! *shows them while blushing slightly* 

Amy: I GOT IT! *shows them while blushing slightly* 

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